I Find This Photo Odd: The Sedins do self-portraits

The Sedins had a pretty eventful offseason. It started with a riot. Then, a week later, they flew to Las Vegas, where Daniel Sedin was awarded both the Ted Lindsay and Art Ross trophies. In Sweden, they did some serious inline skating. And in July, they flew to the Swedish island of Öland, where they were awarded the Victoriastipendiet — effectively, the Swedish athlete of the Year award. Daniel and Henrik were the first hockey players to win the award since Peter Forsberg in 1994, and only the third since the award debuted in 1979. Elite company.

While the Sedins were in Öland, the identical twins were asked by Östran, a local newspaper, to take part in a strange experiment: draw self-portraits, in order to see if those would be identical too. I can’t believe I only found this now, but here are the results.

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Drance Numbers: Does Luongo’s mileage matter more than his age?

Despite his recent run of incredible play, the Vancouver market remains habitually critical of Roberto Luongo. The chronic frustration with the team’s incumbent starter has led to numerous suggestions that the team keep young blue-chip netminder Cory Schneider, who’s still got that new car smell, and trade Luongo instead.

By now, the goalie controversy is old hat, so let’s give credit to Ed Willes for putting a novel spin on it yesterday, with an extremely interesting take in the Province. Willes’s column doesn’t rely on any hackneyed arguments about Luongo’s lack of “mental toughness,” but rather, suggests Luongo has accrued too much mileage, and that Gillis might be best served by sticking with the fresher legs in Cory Schneider.

Out of curiosity, I figured I’d test Willes’s central assumption: does the performance of an NHL goaltender fall off sharply after they eclipse the 20,000 shots-against mark?

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Your Canucks bandwagon fan cheat sheet, 2011-12: Forwards and management

Welcome to the back half of the annual bandwagon cheat sheet, PITB’s introductory guide to the Vancouver Canucks. This helpful guide is designed to allow new Canuck fans to hide their rawness and talk about the team as though they know it. It’s full of valuable information, things to say and not say, things to expect and not expect, and, of course, helpful nicknames to indicate familiarity with the hometown boys.
We’ve gone through the defenders and the goaltenders, but now it’s time to lock in on the guys you really notice: the forwards. Take notes.

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