Your Canucks bandwagon fan cheat sheet, 2011-12: Defencemen and goalies

Two years ago, we introduced the inaugural Canucks Bandwagon cheat sheet to give aid to the less informed, less involved fan who wanted to feel a part of the Canucks’ success. Last year, we did the same, allowing a number of fair-weather fans to get into the team just in time for the Stanley Cup run. (Unfortunately, those fair-weather fans went on to riot. We can’t help but feel partly responsible for that.)

The Canucks are once again the talk of the town. They’re back on top of the Northwest division, they’re contending for the Western Conference title and the Presidents’ trophy, and they’re a Stanley Cup favourite. Safe to say, as more and more Vancouverites realize they’re still good, we’re going to have a fresh batch of bandwagoners.

If you’re one of those bandwagoners, we want to help you fit in. This year’s Bandwagon Canucks Fan Cheat Sheet–a geyser of valuable information–will tell you everything you need to know about the Vancouver Canucks roster. Today we introduce you to the defencemen and goalies. Tomorrow: forwards and coaches.

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