I Watched This Game: Canucks at Nashville Predators, February 7, 2012

Byron Bitz came one element short of a Gordie Howe Hat Trick against the Predators. Surprisingly, that missing element was a fight. Who saw that coming? Other than Alain Vigneault, of course, who started Bitz on a line with Henrik Sedin.

The leading theory was that Vigneault was sending Henrik a message by putting him on a line with the 6’5″ winger; turned out he was just trying to get Henrik going. It worked. Henrik had his first multi-point game since January 10th thanks to a couple nice plays by Bitz. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I watched this game.

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Ten active former Canucks that could still help the team

A couple weeks ago, Richard Hodges, a blogger for Northwest Sportsbeat, wrote an interesting post titled, 5 Ex-Canucks that could help the team right now:

In Hodges’ scenario, Mike Gillis finds a time machine and discovers he can retrieve any former Canuck from the bowels of history and plug him into the current roster. Unfortunately, he can only do this once. So who does he get? Trevor Linden? Cam Neely? Matthias Ohlund? It’s a fun question, although Hodges’ Kirk McLean suggestion reeks of judgment-clouding nostalgia. I mean, sure, he’s good for a pad stack or two, but he’d be number three on the depth chart, Richard.

Anyway. Thing is, you don’t need a time machine to find one-time Vancouverites that can contribute; there are a handful of active ex-Canucks that could help the team right now. Granted, in some cases, the cap implications and cost to acquire would be too much to make any move feasible, but I’m not making trade proposals here, nor am I advocating them — I’m just playing around with the concept. With a nod to Richard for the idea, here are 10 active former Canucks that could help the team this postseason in no particular order.

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