Manny Malhotra just got Baby Keslurked

Team Blue edged Team White 14-10 at the Canucks for Kids Fund’s annual Super Skills event Sunday, with Keith Ballard winning the fastest skater, Sami Salo defending his hardest shot title, and Alex Burrows claiming the accuracy competition. But, more important than the victors in the individuals events was that the afternoon also yielded the latest, greatest Keslurk.

Manny Malhotra is the victim this time, bombed during an interview with Sportsnet’s Dan Murphy after one of the events. While the two chat, Kesler sneaks in behind them for the Keslurk. But, in a nifty new twist, the Kesler bombing the interview isn’t Ryan — it’s his one-year-old son Ryker. Bear witness to baby’s first Keslurk.

Listen to the crowd pop when the fans notice Ryker on the jumbotron. The kid’s a natural showman. Granted, he’s his father’s son and Keslurking is therefore in his blood. Not to mention he’s been a celebration baby since day one.

This isn’t the first time Kesler has ventured into prop comedy while perpetrating a Keslurk. Last season, he bombed Cory Schneider while wearing Roberto Luongo’s mask, and a week later he bombed Shorty and Garrett while wearing one of Garrett’s old cages. Earlier this season, he used the workout equipment in the Canucks’ weight room to great comedic effect while bombing Jannik Hansen.

But this goes beyond any of that. Live props? I think we just experienced the next generation of Keslurk.

How fitting that the next generation of Keslurk is also the next generation of Kesler.

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  1. Nee
    January 23, 2012


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  2. obituary mambo
    January 23, 2012

    This is beyond amazing! And did anyone else notice the baby MayRay in the stands? He looked as if he’d been cloned from Raymond’s DNA!

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  3. Tengeresz
    January 23, 2012

    For all of us who sometimes forget that professional sports are JUST entertainment, items like this remind us that the character and personality of the players are as important as their pure (super)skills.

    It also justifies watching more than only the game play — this is GREAT entertainment.

    Go baby Kes!

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  4. Kate Fullerton
    January 23, 2012

    Wow, i cant believe that football guy (Nick whatever his face is) actually tried to compete with Kesler in interview bombing. I mean what did he do? Oooo smile and wave at the camera, creative. Kesler on the other hand did it different EVERY TIME, whether it was eating pizza, being super creepy, or using his own flesh and blood.

    Interview bombing is your thing Kes, never stop ;)

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