I Find This Photo Odd: Kevin Bieksa is a big blowhard

Last postseason, Kevin Bieksa caught flack for dropping the gloves with San Jose Sharks’ forward Patrick Marleau. Sure, Marleau initiated the fight in an ill-advised attempt to showcase his toughness and recently-questioned guts, but the mismatch was so evident that Bieksa was criticized just for acquiescing the request.

In retrospect, it was even more of a mismatch than we thought. As it turns out, Bieksa doesn’t even need to throw punches to knock Marleau off his feet. He can do it with little more than a mighty exhalation.

We recently learned that Bieksa’s animal nickname may be Wolverine, but maybe it should be big bad wolf, because that is some serious huffing and puffing. No wonder he’s such a good interviewer; his lung capacity is downright ridiculous. Those milk hot dogs on the Sharks will think twice before putting themselves in his airstream.

Oh hey, speaking of huffing and puffing to take down a hot dog, here’s Bieksa doing the same to one of the little pigs.

Thanks to @HockeyChick_ for the tip.

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  1. Spencer
    January 22, 2012



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  2. shoes
    January 22, 2012

    If a Canuck player drops the gloves when challenged he is a coward for not telling the guy to go away and send back the goons. If he doesn’t drop them when challenged he is just a turtle. Funny how irrational the slaggers are.

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  3. G. McRae
    January 22, 2012

    I find this photo odd because it looks like Juice/Wolverine is using his right hand to hold Marleau up by his toe in order to ride him like a broomstick.

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  4. iLovePITB
    January 22, 2012

    LOL, poor Hamhuis is like “D:” because Bieksa’s mighty wind already knocked him down.

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  5. The Bookie
    January 23, 2012

    I thought Ballard was the Wolf

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