Hardcore Fans: Super adorable toddler likes Canucks, does not like Bruins

There comes an age when children are old enough to make up their minds about which sports teams they like and which teams they don’t. Prior to that age, however, they simply repeat what they’re told by the grown-ups around them. As an example, I present to you this video, in which hardcore fan Isaac uses his babysitting time with toddler Sarah to ensure that she is appropriately pro-Canucks and anti-Bruins.

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Projecting Canuck fan outrage at the NHL All-Star draft

Yesterday, we discussed the announcement that Zdeno Chara and Daniel Alfredsson would serve as the two captains for next week’s All-Star Game, and what it meant for the home team. With one captain a sworn enemy of the Canucks, his teammates urging him to build a Canuck-free team, and the other a sworn ally, it seemed reasonable to assume which side of the floor Vancouver’s representatives would wind up on.

But let’s not kid ourselves: Canuck fans have never let inevitability or predictability get in the way of hardcore outrage. Regardless of what happens at the All-Star Draft, even if it runs counter to what we’ve projected, Canuck fans will be furious at the results. Zdeno Chara is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, and not just because he allegedly eats souls and has cloven hooves — when you’re cast as the villain, it doesn’t take much to have your every action interpreted as villainy.

That in mind, we at PITB have decided to examine the possible outcomes of draft day and project not just the draft results but also the resultant outrage, using our handy outrage-o-meter.

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Expectations are high for Chris Tanev, especially within Canucks’ management

Chris Tanev burst onto the scene during the Canucks injury plague of 2010-11. He showed himself capable of playing quiet, steady hockey in some high-pressure situations (including Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final) and looked poised to establish himself as staple of the Canucks’ blueline in seasons to come.

After he made the team out of training camp in September, Tanev appeared to be on track. Then, was sent down to the AHL after playing only three games. What gave?

Two things: the return of the injured Aaron Rome put the Canucks over the 23-man roster limit and necessitated a move of some sort. With the team unwilling to sacrifice depth on the waiver wire, Tanev’s waiver exemption made him the ideal candidate to go elsewhere for the time being. The second, which no doubt justified the first, was that, while Tanev had indeed proven himself capable of handling a bottom pairing role, he was clearly capable of more. The Canucks hoped that a little time with the Wolves would afford Tanev some powerplay, penalty-kill, and offensive zone experience.

Wednesday afternoon, Tanev was recalled, much to the delight of Canuck fans.

In a sense, you have to feel for the kid. He doesn’t join the team as a raw prospect looking to prove he can play. That he already did. This time around, Tanev joins the team as a proven prospect expected to be better than he was last time, maybe even capable of a top-four role.

And I’m not talking about the expectations of Canuck fans here — I’m talking about the coaching and management staff. For Tanev, this is a massive tryout.

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