Video: Jannik Hansen gets Gene Simmons to sign his stick during warmup

Jannik Hansen may be one of about a million billion athletes that’s been given the honey badger nickname by fans, media, and teammates since that Youtube video went viral, but just because the nickname has become a huge cliché doesn’t mean it’s a poor fit for his personality. Truth is, like his animal namesake, Hansen does and takes what he wants.

Case in point: last Sunday night versus the Anaheim Ducks, while he was skating around in warmup, Hansen saw Gene Simmons sitting by the glass, and screw it, he wanted an autograph right at that very moment. So, you know, he just skated over and got one because Jannik Hansen don’t care.

If you watched this game, you’re probably not surprised that its most interesting moment took place before it even started.

For the record, what Hansen did was unusual. If a hockey player wants an autograph from a celebrity, it’s normal to do it after the game or get somebody to do it for you. Approaching the guy during warmup is strange, as Dale Weise and Cory Schneider’s reactions indicate.

But hey man, it’s Gene Simmons. He understands. From

“I’m not surprised [Hansen] came over. He’s clearly a powerful and attractive man and he recognizes the God of Thunder who walks the Earth and he came to pay homage.”

No doubt Hansen’s gonna recognize the God of Thunder. He’s Scandinavian, after all.

My first thought here was that Hansen immediately exchanged the twig for another one, but that’s not true — Hansen said he used the Simmons-signed stick throughout the game, making sure that it lasted. That might explain why he only attempted one shot. Simmons’s wife Shannon joked that the Canucks always lose when Gene accompanies her to games. Might I suggest that, maybe if he stopped turning the players’ sticks into cherished keepsakes they’re afraid to break, they might play harder? Just a theory.

Hilariously, Hansen’s not even that big of a Kiss fan. From The Province:

“I don’t know about (being a KISS fan), obviously they’re a little older than I am, but I’m definitely a Gene Simmons fan,” said Hansen. “I watch the TV show.”

Oh wow! It’s television personality Gene Simmons! And look over there, it’s American Idol guest judge Bruce Springsteen!

In closing, let’s all have a childish giggle at this Hansen quote, as he explains that he had to run down a sharpie for the spur-of-the-moment autograph:

“I asked him before I skated over there and obviously I had to get a pen, it’s not something I run around with in my pants.”


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  1. sarah
    January 17, 2012

    Every time I see Schneids in an interview I’m convinced that he needs to end up on HNIC one day.

    And Jannik is pretty adorkable…

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  2. iLovePITB
    January 17, 2012

    Gene should want Hansen’s autograph.

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