Turns out we owe Dale Weise an apology

I didn’t take offense to much the Canucks did in last Saturday’s tilt with the Boston Bruins. Sure, they went after Shawn Thornton with gusto, but to hear Boston fans tell it, Shawn Thornton fought Mothra in the 1960s and the Canucks are all fairies, so he should have been just fine. And heck, for a guy who was stabbed in the throat with a track javelin, he sure gave it to Tony Gallagher pretty good on Sticks and Stones, huh?

That said, on Monday, I made it clear that I didn’t like Dale Weise’s seeming flip-flop on the non-fight with Shawn Thornton later in the first period. It looked, to me, like he gave every indication that he wanted to fight, then, when the puck dropped and Thornton’s gloves did the same, he changed his mind. I was wrong.

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15 things Canucks and Bruins fans can agree on

You may have noticed over the last few days that fans of the Boston Bruins and fans of the Vancouver Canucks disagree on a lot of things, such as the anatomical location of knees. All this animosity was briefly entertaining, but it has quickly grown tiresome instead as fans on both sides seem to have forgotten basic human decency, such as viewing fans of other teams as human.

That’s why I think it’s time to find some common ground. I’m guessing that Canucks and Bruins fans, being fellow members of the human race, actually have a lot more in common than either group thinks.

Here are 15 things that both Canucks fans and Bruins fans can agree on:

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I Watched This Game: Canucks at Tampa Bay Lightning, January 10, 2012

You had to know the Canucks were going to correct some aspects of their game after the 2-1 loss to Florida on Monday night; it was impossible to come away from that one without having learned a lesson, right? Right. A lesson was indeed learned, and, as best as I can gather, it was as follows: before you quit, score more goals.

Not unlike the game that preceded it, the Canucks jumped out to an early lead and let their opponents back into the game with some sluggish play afterward, but the difference Tuesday was simply that the early lead was bigger, and they sustained it for longer. By the time the Lightning tied tied things up, it was too late to jump ahead, and the Canucks eked out a shootout victory to leave the Sunshine State on a positive note. And as for me, like the few Floridians sick and tired of that infomercial, I watched this game.

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