2011 in Review: An exhaustive Canucks retrospective

Welcome to 2011 in review, PITB’s annual, exhaustive, retrospective compilation of all the major Canucks stories that held your attention in the year that was. It’s been a long and memorable year, and while not everything that happened was good, a lot happened, and that’s never bad.

Keep that in mind. You might have a bitter taste in your mouth over some of it, but it could be a whole lot worse: you could be a fan of a team whose most memorable moment of 2011 was when they unveiled an ugly third jersey. The Canucks may have lost the Stanley Cup Final, but at least they were in it.

There was other fun stuff too. Remember when Ryan Kesler posed for that nude photo? That’s in here. Remember Cody Hodgson’s first career goal? That’s in here. Remember when Alex Burrows allegedly bit that guy’s finger during that one series? Hey, remember that series? Oh, you’d better believe that’s in here.

My friends, it’s all here (except the stuff we forgot–feel free to jog our memory in the comments). What was your favourite moment of 2011?

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