Is Cory Schneider for sale? No, you have to pay retail

It seems a reasonable assumption that 2011 — which has, at the time of this writing, about twelve hours left to live — was the last full year in Schneider’s tour of the Vancouver Canucks organization. Most agree that he is ready to be a full-time NHL starter and, since the Canucks already have one of those signed well into the age of the flying car, Schneider’s increase in marginal utility will have to come elsewhere.

There’s very little if regarding a Cory Schneider trade — the suspense surrounds the when. Schneider is in the final year of a two-year, $900,000 deal with the Canucks, after which time he’s sure to see a raise to something a little more commensurate with his abilities.

While Mike Gillis and co. have never seen a cap challenge they didn’t love, I suspect they aren’t eager to pay their backup multiple millions. I also suspect that negotiations on Schneider’s current deal ended with an unwritten agreement that the next round of negotiations would be with a different management group.

It feels like we’ve been saying this for something like five straight years now, but Schneider will likely be moved by the summer draft. (Like Frank Sinatra.)

Still, by the draft is very different than at the draft. Will he be moved before it — like, say, at the trade deadline? That is a far more contentious issue, and with the deadline now less than two months away, the issue has begun to come up.

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