Kevin Bieksa chats with Jeff O’Neill about Christmas, team IQ, and Mason Raymond’s forgiveness

For a while now, Kevin Bieksa has boasted a reputation as one of the best quotes in hockey. The man can respond to even the driest of questions with a hilarious one-liner. And if he gets a juicier question, well, there’s a reason he’s called Juice — he’s right in his element.

So you had to know his appearance on 99.3 The Fox’s Jeff O’Neill show was going to be appointment listening. Those guys couldn’t care less about the game. They’re only out to get him saying funny things.

Granted, I cringe every time O’Neill and Co. call Bieksa “Boom Boom”, and I double-cringed when they tried to call his kids “Boombinos”. But there’s enough gold here to forgive them this trespass. The 10-minute interview is jam-packed with laugh-out loud moments.

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Blue Jays have done nothing this off-season to dispel their image as a second division team

The Toronto Blue Jays apparently finished second in the bidding for Japanese superstar Yu Darvish—or at least that is the public perception. The Texas Rangers bid $51.7 million to win the rights to negotiate with Darvish. There was a clear notion going into the process that the $51.1 million figure posted for Dice-K Matsuzaka in [...]

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Breakdowning Henrik Sedin’s 1-0 goal versus the Wild

PITB’s list of the top 50 Canuck goals of 2011 begins next Monday, and you can rest assured that at least two of the goals the Canucks potted last night are going to be on that list: Henrik Sedin’s 1-0 goal and Alex Burrows’s 3-0 goal.

Now, Daniel already broke down the third goal, which is about as full of wizardry as Waverly Place, but with many raving about the wonders of Sedins’ first tally instead, I thought I’d take a closer look at that one as well.

The secret to defending the Sedins is very simple: don’t make any mistakes ever. If you leave a guy open for even a moment while they’re on the ice, there’s a pretty good chance that one of them will find him.

That’s how most of their goals are scored. Very rarely do they try to muscle their way to the net. They’re more content to move the puck around, forcing defenders to adjust to new alignments and, hopefully exposing, a new seam through which they can thread a pass. That’s what happens on this long give-and-go.

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