I Find This Video Odd: Henrik catches Salo’s flying stick

Normally, we at PITB are pretty good at catching the odd little moments that happen during Canuck games. That in mind, we’re ashamed to admit that we missed this one. Granted, with everything else that was happening in Vancouver’s 5-3 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs, it’s somewhat understandable something might slip past us, but this is awesome. I can’t believe I didn’t see it until now.

Late in the first period, Tim Connolly puts a pass off Clarke MacArthur’s skate and, as MacArthur turns back to recover the puck, he chops Sami Salo’s stick right out of his hands. The stick goes flying.

And then Henrik Sedin casually snatches it out of mid-air.

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Breakdowning Alex Burrows’ 3-0 goal against the Wild

Monday night’s game against the Minnesota Wild was rife with wizardry, as the Sedins were in on three goals during the game, each of them magical. The first was a give-and-go that incredibly used the entire width of the ice and the second was off a sweet little tape-to-tape saucer pass from behind the net.

My favourite of the three, however, was the third goal, as it also involved the Sedins’ wizardous apprentice, Alex Burrows. The three of them managed to bewitch the Wild players into doing exactly what they wanted them to do, leading to a gorgeous goal by Burrows that sent Niklas Backstrom’s water bottle flying.

But why, exactly, were the Wild so befuddled? How did the Sedins and Burrows manage to score this fantastic goal?

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I Watched This Game: Canucks vs Minnesota Wild, December 19, 2011

After 5 games on the road, the Canucks returned to the cozy confines of Rogers Arena with some concern that there might be a letdown with all of the travel. Sure enough, the Canucks were outshot by the perpetually-low-shooting Minnesota Wild in the first period and had 7 giveaways. They looked blunt, dull, or flat: in any case, not sharp. They were not, however, outscored or outgoaltended. Roberto Luongo stopped all 13 shots he faced in the first period, then proceeded to stop every other shot as well, earning his first shutout of the season. I watched the Canucks finish strong because I watched this game.

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