Alain Vigneault is about as clever as Dave Bolland

If your main source of Canucks news is Pass it to Bulis, you’re probably under the impression that the Canucks are incredibly witty, clever, and fond of silly jokes. After all, the Canucks give silly animal nicknames to each other, photoshop each other naked, and ruin each others’ interviews. Meanwhile, Kevin Bieksa is one of the best quotes in the NHL and Keith Ballard has unparalleled self-deprecating dry wit, and Roberto Luongo is surprisingly willing to joke around.

Since Alex Burrows and Maxim Lapierre are two of the best chirpers on the team, it would be completely understandable if you thought that all French Canadians are great at chirping. Unfortunately, Alain Vigneault proved that wrong.

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I Find This Video Awesome: The epic new Canucks pregame light show

A couple months ago, we examined the new Canucks’ goal song, “Electric Worry” by Clutch. You might have heard it. It’s the infectious little blues-rock ditty that goes BANG, BANG, BANG, VAMINOS, VAMINOS, after every goal.

Yes, it’s irritating. But any irritation it provides the home fan is mitigated by the fact that it signifies a goal for the home team. The visiting team, on the other hand, cannot be thusly comforted. And that’s the idea.

Anyway, it’s not the only change the Canucks have made to their in-game presentation. Just recently, they also debuted a new pregame light show, and it’s pretty cool. Have a look-see:

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Dave Bolland calls the Sedins ‘sisters’; please let this be the end

Dave Bolland is no stranger to these parts. For three straight postseasons, the Chicago Blackhawks’ centre has played the role of archnemesis to the Sedins perfectly, hacking, slashing, and chirping with seeming impunity. Needless to say, the Sedins find him distractingly easy to hate and, as a result, so do Canuck fans.

Tuesday, Bolland made it even easier, drawing the ire of Canuck nation during an appearance on WGN Radio 720′s Blackhawks Live.

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