Drance Numbers: What do we know about NHL goalies after fifty games?

Drance Numbers is the silly research wing of PITB. While Messrs. Wagner and Mooney blog nationally and solve mysteries, Drance Numbers will look into the minutiae of quantifiable NHL data and bore you with it every Friday. Today, Drance looks at what Cory Schneider’s first 50 games tell us about his future in the NHL.

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Canuck animal nicknames: Who the heck is Whitetail?

Some time ago, Kevin Bieksa let it slip that every member of the Canucks had an animal nickname. He even gave us a line on a few: David Booth was Grizzly, Ryan Kesler was Bull, Keith Ballard was Wolf, Alex Edler was Eagle, and Jannik Hansen was the Honey Badger.

As for the rest, we were left to speculate wildly. Were the Sedins red pandas? Who is Fox? Was Sami Salo the poisonous Finnish snake that once bit him? Short of additional clues, there was simply no way of knowing.

Lucky for us, David Booth provided one such clue following Thursday night’s 4-3 victory over the Montreal Canadiens, praising the play of one “Whitetail”.

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