Chris Higgins loses his new female fanbase with gross swollen foot

Two weeks ago, Chris Higgins thrilled female (and certain male) Canucks fans by wiping his nose. While clearing nostrils of snot is not normally considered sexy – though there’s a fetish for everything I suppose – it was what he used to blow his nose and what he revealed in the process that got people excited. Higgins used the bottom of his jersey, revealing that he doesn’t wear a shirt underneath his jersey.

He also revealed that he works out.

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So long, Chicago. So long, Minnesota! Canuck pros and cons of realignment

I always assumed that NHL General Manager meetings were like Interfraternity conferences, where all the men tell their wives they’re going to be in dry seminars all day and then rent out the top floor of a hotel and party the weekend away. But, it would appear that things actually get done at these meetings: yesterday, the NHL GMs approved a drastic divisional realignment that would dissolve the 6 current divisions in favour of 4 more geographically appropriate groupings.

Needless to say, this completely changes the landscape of both the NHL regular season and playoffs. It’s kind of a big deal. But what does this mean for the Canucks and their fans? Like the Provincial Convention of Professional Conmen*, there are plenty of pros and cons.

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Pass it to Comics: Where Bieksa’s nickname really comes from

Pass it to Comics is a biweekly collaboration between PITB and cartoonist Chloe Ezra. It will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the season. Today, after learning that Kevin Bieksa didn’t get the nickname “Juice” from actual juice or his muscles , we begin to unravel the mystery.

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