Wednesday night should have been Mason Raymond’s second big December 1 in a row. A year to the day after scoring a hat trick versus the Calgary Flames, the speedy winger was slated to play his first game since suffering a gruesome back injury that nearly ended his career.

And then there was a setback. No, it had nothing to do with Raymond’s health — he’s still good. It was a paperwork error. The Canucks simply failed to fax the proper forms to the NHL head office in time. Seriously.

Mason Raymond plots his revenge.

As disappointing as this was, it was also hilarious (although we imagine Raymond didn’t think so). Canuck fans immediately took to Twitter to make jokes at the Canucks’ expense, many of which were laugh-out-loud funny. What follows are our 20 favourite.


1. Someone at the NHL head office probably just didn’t know who to drop from his fantasy team so Raymond could go in. — @misst0pia

2. To be fair to the Canucks, Alain Vigneault picked up the phone while they were dialing up with their 14.4k modem. — @TheStanchion

3. Raymond never put the new cover page on the TPS reports, so Gillis wanted to teach him a lesson in filing. – @Gnotenbomer

4. Aaron Volpatti just got the “bank error in your favor” card.  – @Canspice

5.Boo you whore” – Raymond to Canucks management #NHLmeangirls — @Canuck_pride

6. I guess Mike Gillis didn’t want to do any paperwork on his birthday. — @headtothenet

7. Mason Raymond recovers from fractured spine, least they could do was get paperwork right. — @gabesoo

8. Mason Raymond overskates his debut, circles back for a change. — @westxnorthwest

9. Apparently Bruins who repeatedly punch their best players aren’t the only things Canucks refuse to fill in. — @downgoesbrown

10. A picture of Aaron Volpatti, right now. — @camcharron

11. Injury update: Mason Raymond is day-to-day (human resources). — @JasonPHT

12. Has anybody made an off color “back logged” joke yet? — @thefalconer

13. Real reason Mason Raymond’s not playing tonight: Mysterious note stating he’s not medically cleared to play, signed Dr. Recchi, M.D. — @KentBaskyNM

14. Keith Ballard offered to tweet the NHL that Mason was back but he obviously still hasn’t worked out how exactly Twitter works. — @natevk

15. When Laurence Gilman went to file Raymond’s papers, Johnny Boychuk slowly rode him into the end boards. No penalty was called on the play. — @beninvictoria

16. Mason Raymond out due to a paperwork issue. That’s the last time Mike Gillis asks Dale Talon to do him a favor. — @SteveintheKT

17. Raymond went to file his papers but Schneider was already in the fax room. Mase tried to circle around him but nothing gets by the C-Wall. — @beninvictoria

18. Wow Canucks how inept do you get? Poor MayRay. WHY WON’T YOU LET HIM BE GREAT? — @runaroundkid

19. If the Canucks needs a new paper filer after tonight, here’s my resume. — @spencerdubas

20. The guys in charge of prosecuting rioters working on Raymond’s paperwork. — @joed76

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  1. VernonViper
    December 2, 2011

    Not so fast May Ray.

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