Drance Numbers is the silly research wing of PITB. While Messrs. Wagner and Mooney blog nationally and solve mysteries, Drance Numbers will look into the minutiae of quantifiable NHL data and bore you with it every Friday. Today, Drance looks at the Canucks’ play versus the Blue Jackets, and whether the shot totals were indicative of lackadaisical defensive play.

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I Find This Photo Odd: Ryan Kesler climbs the net

Thursday night’s 6-5 Canuck loss versus the Nashville Predators was jam-packed with oddities. There was the offensive outburst, as the two teams combined for 11 goals, only three fewer than their entire season series last year. There was the goalie no-show, as Cory Schneider’s hot streak came to a screeching halt with 3 goals on 5 shots and Roberto Luongo only fared marginally better. And, of course, there was that strange little moment when Ryan Kesler scaled the net.

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Wednesday night should have been Mason Raymond’s second big December 1 in a row. A year to the day after scoring a hat trick versus the Calgary Flames, the speedy winger was slated to play his first game since suffering a gruesome back injury that nearly ended his career.

And then there was a setback. No, it had nothing to do with Raymond’s health — he’s still good. It was a paperwork error. The Canucks simply failed to fax the proper forms to the NHL head office in time. Seriously.

As disappointing as this was, it was also hilarious (although we imagine Mason Raymond didn’t think so). Canuck fans immediately took to Twitter to make jokes at the Canucks’ expense, many of which were laugh-out-loud funny. What follows are our 20 favourite.

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