The best thing about this past month is that my son was born on the 26th. But the second best thing was watching hockey games and highlights and seeing moustaches everywhere.

Today is December 1st and Movember – the fantastic charity that raise money and awareness for prostate cancer research through the growing of moustaches – is officially over. This means that a lot of men will be saying goodbye to their lip ticklers for another 11 months. It also means it’s time to take a look at the Vancouver Canucks who participated and judge the quality of their soup strainers.

For fun, I will be doing the judging in the guise of the classic American Idol judging panel: Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell.


Manny Malhotra


Randy: Dog, this one is a hot one. You took a classic look and gave it your own spin, dude. Good job.

Paula: The thing I appreciate most about you is your spirit. I really felt you put a lot of yourself into this moustache, like it was a part of you.

Simon: Well, I’m going to be brutally honest: you look like you belong on a cruise ship. A little too cheesy for me, thanks.

Ryan Kesler


Randy: I don’t know, dude, this wasn’t your best effort. I’m sorry dog, it just didn’t work for me.

Paula: You know I love you, but…this was just a bit all over the place. I feel like you lost focus on what made your moustache you.

Simon: I don’t know what these two are talking about, I love this. It’s honest, it’s real, you’re not putting on airs. Great work.

Andrew Alberts


Randy: Dude, everyone else better watch out. This dude is in it to win it! Dude!

Paula: You are like a breath of fresh air or like a poppy in a field of clovers and all you need is that one sunbeam to light up that poppy and there will never be a cloud in the sky again.

Simon: I don’t know what any of that means, but I know what I like. I like this.

Keith Ballard


Randy: A couple problems in the delivery, but overall a nice job. I actually liked it, man, I liked it.

Paula: You found your style, your niche. I think, like a star with a cape, you are destined for super stardom.

Simon: … Sorry, just waiting for her to catch the irony. Not going to happen, apparently. Look, this was a solid moustache, it did everything I want a moustache to do. It’s good, but not great.

Dan Hamhuis


Randy: Dog, that’s what I’m talking about! That is da bomb, dude!

Paula: This was…just…you stayed true to who you are and showed your insides on your outsides. I was very, very moved.

Simon: I think you are starting to show a little star quality, which is what we were missing from you before.

Aaron Rome


Randy: I like what I’m seeing, dog, this one is a hot one.

Paula: I really feel like your natural talent is shining out of your face like your face was a giant flashlight that ran on talent batteries.

Simon: Seriously, can anyone understand what she is saying? Look, you have potential, but you need to polish the edges or you’re never going to get anywhere with this.


There were a couple Canucks moustaches that we didn’t get to see very much of this Movember. One belonged to Andrew Ebbett, who is out of the lineup with an injury, and the other belonged to Aaron Volpatti, which we didn’t see because it’s practically invisible.


 And finally, there were the moustaches belonging to your favourite Canucks bloggers here at Pass it to Bulis. Unfortunately, Harrison won’t be sharing a picture of his moustache as he – no joke – accidentally shaved it off. Mine, however, survived the month:

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  1. JS Topher
    December 1, 2011

    Randy: Dawg, you nailed it dude. You threw in all you had and you brought it. Dawg pound, Danny Dubs, Dawg Pound

    Paula: You brought it. He brought it Randyyyy. Listen, Daniel, You wrote a beautiful piece here. You made me smile, you made me laugh, and you followed it up with a dashing picture of your cute li’l moustache. I could pinch you!

    Simon: *staring at Paula, mouth wide open* … … … I…. I just … *shakes head* Listen, Daniel, I what I can say is, I like about 95% of this. Unfortunately, your portrayal of myself, is 100% inaccurate. I’ll have to go with no.

    Paula: SIMON!

    Simon: I know what I saw, and I know what I’m like, and that just wasn’t me.

    Ryan Seacrest: Did everyone forget about me?

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  2. John in Marpole
    December 1, 2011

    What, no headband?


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  3. bergberg
    December 1, 2011

    So who is our Canucks Moustache Idol? Looks to me that Andrew Alberts and Dan Hamhuis got the best reviews from the judges.

    My vote is for Hamhuis. His handlebars look a little thin around the mouth, but he’s just so darn adorable!

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  4. Frank Nelissen
    December 1, 2011


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  5. madwag
    December 1, 2011

    Dawgdude, you know I love you because you’re so true to yourself, like a self-pollinating rose bud, but frankly, I honestly found this post hilarious!

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  6. natevk
    December 1, 2011

    How did you write this piece and not include a “Yo Yo Yo”?
    … or seven?

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