Clearly drawing some inspiration from the fact that the Grey Cup was in the building, the Canucks and Predators played to the first touchdown, giving us the most unexpected 6-5 game of the year. Seriously, hands up if you thought Nashville and Vancouver were going to combine for 11 goals.

How to explain this? It can only be the hand of God. One assumes that the good Lord was as sick of the Canucks’ goaltending controversy (such as it was), as we were, and perhaps just as tired of hearing about how Cory Schneider was the second coming of his beloved son. Thus, he intervened, rendering all goalies incapable of keeping the puck out, save Anders Lindback, whom he clearly prefers. For whatever reason, God made sure Lindback saw everything, much like I saw everything when I watched this game.

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If you’ve been out of the loop since the final horn sounded versus Columbus, here’s the latest in The Redhead and the Redheaded Stepchild (my title for the Highlander-esque saga involving Cory Schneider, Roberto Luongo, and the fact that there can only be one starting goalie): after yet another fantastic performance versus the Columbus Blue Jackets, Schneider has been declared the starter for his seventh straight game.

The decision caused many in Canuck nation to do a double take, especially with how quickly after the game the announcement came. Clearly, Alain Vigneault felt the decision to be something of a no-brainer, because he wasted very little time thinking about it.

But that’s because it likely didn’t take that much thought.

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The best thing about this past month is that my son was born on the 26th. But the second best thing was watching hockey games and highlights and seeing moustaches everywhere.

Today is December 1st and Movember – the fantastic charity that raise money and awareness for prostate cancer research through the growing of moustaches – is officially over. This means that a lot of men will be saying goodbye to their lip ticklers for another 11 months. It also means it’s time to take a look at the Vancouver Canucks who participated and judge the quality of their soup strainers.

For fun, I will be doing the judging in the guise of the classic American Idol judging panel: Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell.

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