It was nearly five months ago that the NBA owners chose to lock out its players until a new collective bargaining agreement could be reached.  Basketball fans are fully aware of the many starts and stops that took place in the interim and are likely very familiar, after all this time, with the particulars involved.  [...]

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Roberto Luongo met with the media after Monday’s practice and everyone was eager to hear what he would have to say about Cory Schneider starting his sixth straight game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday. Luongo was unexpectedly poised and prepared, as he has frequently misspoken or said things in interviews that can be misinterpreted in the past. This time, Luongo wisely steered clear of any attempts at jokes and stuck with sincerity.

“The guy’s been working hard for two years and never said a word,” said Luongo, “so he deserves every minute that he’s getting right now and I’m one hundred percent behind him. He’s been behind me since the start and there’s no reason why I wouldn’t be behind him one hundred percent.”

If Schneider continues to play the way he has over his last four starts, Luongo might end up behind him for a while. Oddly enough, that doesn’t mean that he’s no longer the Canucks’ number one goaltender.

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I Find This Photo Odd: Ryan Kesler, slappin’ de bass

Some of you may remember the photo of Cory Schneider that we turned into three galleries worth of the backup netminder playing every stringed instrument under the sun with the gusto of Andrew Bird. Not simply content to splice guitars into his hands, we shopped in lutes, dulcimers, keytars, and a giant submarine sandwich. It was really stupid.

That said, it’s also the bread and butter of PITB. If we see a photo in which a guy looks like he’s playing an invisible guitar or relaxing on an invisible couch, well, we’re gonna chop the missing item in. It’s with that ethos in mind that we present this Ryan Kesler photo.

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