Tonight, Daniel was busy writing “I Watched This Birth”, a hilarious, point-form recap of his first child’s arrival on this planet. (Welcome to Earth, Ozymandias Lovecraft Wagner!) Meanwhile in the dark recesses of his criminally insane mind, Harrison was diligently preoccupied with his other chosen profession: burglary. With real-life preventing your two usual bloggers from taking in tonight’s grudge match between the Sharks and Canucks, I, Thomas Drance, was asked to make like Gasper Noé and enter the void.

Whenever you’re the backup, there’s a lot of pressure on your shoulders. But I fought through it and paid such close attention to tonight’s affair that some are saying I stole the game for Vancouver (at least, I think I’m the backup they’re talking about). Regardless, whether you run a hockey blog or a hockey team, having a worthy backup is a useful luxury.

Now, I’m not sworn for life to Pass it to Bulis or the Nights Watch. I’m not celibate, I don’t only wear black and I may not guard Westeros from the wildlings that live north of the Wall. But, “as night gathered”, I watched this game.

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