After over two decades of hockey, it stands to reason that a person’s observations about the game are a little more informed than the average joe. That in mind, Mark Recchi is going to get a special kind of respect when he speaks.

Maybe he shouldn’t?

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Paul Bissonnette scored a goal! This was fantastic news for Bissonnette’s mother, who was in the crowd watching her son play in the NHL in person for the very first time, but it was terrible news for his anti-fantasy owners, who were hoping he’d last an entire season without a single point.

The only players remaining without a single point are rookies Brayden Schenn and Nino Niederreiter, who have played in 4 and 3 games respectively, enforcers Jared Boll and Cam Janssen, backup goaltender Andrew Raycroft, and stay-at-home defencemen John Scott, Jason Strudwick, and Brian Lee. What’s that? Jason Strudwick retired? Well…that’s good news for a bunch of Bulies.

We have a new person in last place this week: madwag. He has the deadly trio of Anze Kopitar, Claude Giroux, and Thomas Vanek. Those three alone have given him a total of 19 points more than the second best players in their categories. Raj, who spent the first three weeks at the bottom of the standings, is now tied for 95th place with none other than myself.

For the fourth consecutive week, holidayblues holds top spot in the standings. He now has a 7-point lead on second-place Elexis. With this kind of run in first place, it’s worth looking at her team and what players are not getting things done for her.

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