Pass it to Comics: Aaron Rome’s lucky duster

Pass it to Comics is a biweekly collaboration between PITB and cartoonist Chloe Ezra. It will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the season. Today, Aaron Rome rides the moustache to glory.

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Cody Hodgson sounds like a huge nerd, you guys

Cody Hodgson is playing some excellent hockey right now. The rookie centre has 4 goals and 5 assists through his first 18 games, he’s made the second-unit powerplay look threatening for the first time in two years, and he was named the first star Sunday night versus the Islanders. He’s finally beginning to make a case for himself as a bona fide top-six forward, and Canuck nation is beginning to swoon at his potential.

But don’t be too quick to embrace Cody Hodgson, everyone. I’m beginning to suspect that he’s a huge nerd. Let’s consider the evidence.

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Vancouver has been carrying only 12 healthy forwards for a week now, a situation that almost got weird in California when Alex Burrows was a game-time decision and it looked as though Aaron Rome might have to play as a forward. Granted, Aaron Rome is a goal-scoring dynamo these days, but the Canucks have actual forwards under contract, right?

Right. But due to a string of seriously bad luck, they don’t have any they can use right now.

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The Sedins skate uphill, invoke the 90s

The Canucks initially showed this awesome video on Rogers Sportsnet during one of the intermissions of their game against the LA Kings and now it’s available online. And I love it. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch two of the best players in the NHL inline skating in the summer time, mainly because of the memories it evokes.

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