I Find This Photo Odd: Cory Schneider will kill you

We spoke earlier today about the Snack Goal principle, our explanation for that curiously frequent occurrence where the Canucks lose their shutout bid within the final ten minutes of games, and we made sure to point out that it wasn’t a Luongo-only phenomenon: Cory Schneider’s in on it too. Of course, that’s the only time during any game when Cory Schneider’s even remotely forgiving of shots in his direction. Try to score on him any other time, and he will kill you.

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Good news and bad news, Canuck fans. The good news is that Roberto Luongo seems to be rounding into last year’s form. The bad news is that the best evidence of this is the fact that he lost his shutout in the final minute of last night’s 5-1 blowout over the Calgary Flames, a frustrating phenomenon that occurred so often during the 2010-11 season, we named it.

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