Yesterday, as David Booth was surrounded by a massive horde of hockey writers cramming cameras and microphones into his face like grandmas with spoons full of pudding, Canucks’ coach Alain Vigneault walked past and said with a chuckle, “Welcome to Vancouver.”

Yes, things are a little different here. While I won’t go as far as to say that no one cares about hockey in Florida — although, when an infomercial outrates your live game telecasts, um, the point sort of makes itself — it’s safe to say that the editorial board of the Miami Herald isn’t suggesting roster moves. No, that only happens here.

Pretty much everything David Booth does now is a story, and if there’s a way to turn it into a controversy, you’d better believe somebody’s on it. For instance, had Booth chosen to sit out Tuesday morning’s optional game day skate on the morning of his debut — a reasonable option, since it was optional, and he’s probably exhausted — it would have been a story.

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The Canucks have scored eight goals over the past two games, meaning you have had eight chances to notice that the team has been rocking a brand-new goal song for the past week (and it would have been more if they hadn’t been shut out by the Rangers — the song was supposed to debut last Tuesday).

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