Here’s a pair of video interviews from last week at the Fan Zoo’s Fan Appreciation Day, in which Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford of Urban Rush chat with Alex Burrows, Cory Schneider and Maxim Lapierre. Both clips are humorous, relaxed, and definitely worth a watch.

Burrows goes first, discussing the Stanley Cup run, Ryan Kesler’s breath, and what it would take for him to pose nude. When asked if he would ever considering baring it all like Kesler, he says, “I don’t think so,” then adds, “Only if the money’s very good.”

In other words, yes.

Burrows also talks about the birth of his daughter, the tough choice he narrowly avoided when she waited until the day after the Chicago series to be born, and the fact that the summer gave him time to “Ug ‘er and give ‘er kisses.”

But my favourite part of this interview is when the UR crew asks him about his favourite goal from the postseason. No, it wasn’t the one he scored against Chicago, the one that was arguably the greatest goal in Canucks’ history; rather, it was Kevin Bieksa’s weird stanchion goal. Burrows fondly remembers the massive role he played in that one: “I was behind the net,” he says, “I was the one who picked up the puck.”

Burr really relishes his role as puck retriever, doesn’t he?

Burrows also lets it slip that Ryan Kesler has the worst breath on the team, and that the Canucks leave Listerine bottles in Kesler’s stall to remind him to fight halitosis, a tidbit that will be revisited during the interview with Maxim Lapierre and Cory Schneider:

Cory Schneider’s normally a pretty funny guy, but he plays the straight man to Lapierre in this clip. When talking about the differences in their hockey skates, for instance, Schneider says, “Mine are a bit longer.”

“Mine don’t stink,” says Max.

Speaking of odours, Fiona revisits the issue of Kesler’s breath, which elicits a solid one-liner from Lapierre: “It’s so bad it actually stinks when you talk to him on the phone.”

If you’re surprised that Lapierre is actually a funny and personable guy, you’re not alone. According to Lapierre, most people think he’s a huge jerk until they meet him off the ice. When he skates with former opponents during the summer, for instance, they keep their distance until they realize “I am a nice guy off the ice.” What a way to go through life.

Cory Schneider bucks certain personality expectations as well. “I’m not one of those weird goalies where you can’t talk to me,” he says, a statement that necessitates a follow-up question that was, unfortunately, never asked. I was a little disappointed that neither Fiona nor Michael requested an example of one such goalie. Our colleagues at the Vancouver Sun sure would have. Do you know any? Do you back any up, for instance?

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  1. George Stevens
    October 17, 2011

    Am I the only one who finds it annoying when a video has persistent Musak going in the background through an interview? Are we all so A.D.D. that we need multiple simultaneous soundtracks to pay attention?

    The video content is fun. The delivery is painful. At one point the videos have 3 track sound.
    1) Voice
    2) Musak
    3) Hockey commentary

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  2. Scott McKenzie
    October 18, 2011

    It is so disgusting that they’re doing the interviews at Hollyburn. The kids that play there probably have more money in their bank accounts than all of the Canucks interviewed combined. Can’t stand that place.

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  3. Rituro
    October 18, 2011

    Ugh. Cannot stand the UR hosts. There’s a reason they crashed and burned when they tried to do Breakfast Television years ago.

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