I spent a large portion of last weekend playing with Lego with my 7-year-old nephew. We built spaceships and flew them around my brother and sister-in-law’s living room. It was tremendous fun and brought me back to my days of playing Lego with my older brother, with whom I also had tremendous fun building spaceships. I only found out later that he was just trying to rebuild a spaceship for which I had lost the instructions. Whoops.

What I’m trying to say is that Lego is awesome and it’s a great way to bring families together to work towards a common, fun purpose. Such is the case for Curtis Cunningham and his son Isaac. The two are also Canucks fans and 8-year-old Isaac combined his love of Lego and the Canucks in his latest creation: Canuckbot.

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Some of you might remember the minor falling-out we caused earlier this summer, when we highlighted a small selection of Mike Duco’s tweets for the purposes of a gentle, comedic ribbing. You see, it seemed to us that a hockey player taking public jabs at a team and then immediately being traded to that team was amusing.

Unfortunately, many Canuck fans (some of whom were still feeling a bit rioty), didn’t find it amusing at all. Rather, they found it damnable, and took to bombarding Duco’s Twitter account with all manner of vitriol and harassment. The sudden wave of venom bothered Duco so much that, eventually, he felt there was no recourse but to shut down the account altogether.

Thankfully, our guilt has finally been alleviated, as Mike Duco relaunched his Twitter account this morning.

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Two days ago, we concluded our report on the Young Stars tournament invitees — Antoine Roussel, Nathan Longpre and Karel St. Laurent — and their quests to earn professional contracts within the bowels of the Canucks organization. Roussel had been successful, Longpre’s tryout was extended, and St. Laurent had unfortunately been released and would be attending and playing goal for Trois Rivieres, according to our sources.

Turns out, we were wrong. St. Laurent’s not heading home; he’s heading to Pennsylvania to be the number one netminder for the ECHL’s Reading Royals, after signing a contract with the Providence Bruins.

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Opening night at Rogers Arena was an awkwardly bitter sweet affair. The Canucks’ impressive trophy haul from last season was on display as John Ashbridge recapped the stellar 2010-11 season, while quietly avoiding the topic of the biggest trophy absent from centre ice. Then the awkward subject of the post-game-seven riots came up, leading into the inspirational honouring of the heroes who helped the city both during and after the riots. Henrik gave the ceremonial game puck to the incredibly shy little girl who had helped her dad clean up the streets the next day, which was adorable.

The game itself: also bittersweet. Having hockey back is like sampling the sweetest flavours at La Casa Gelato; seeing the Canucks lose in the shootout is as bitter as poorly-made hummus. I watched this game.

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