Henrik Sedin was in Rogers Arena Monday night, but he wasn’t playing hockey. The Canucks captain celebrated his 31st birthday on Monday by going to see Keith Urban in concert. Canucks.com forum member nick_winch was at the show and shared a few photos of Henrik enjoying himself.

Unsurprisingly, Henrik attended the concert with his wife. That’s her staring fiery daggers of death into the camera lens to Henrik’s left. But he also brought along another friend. To his right, that’s T.C. Carling, the Canucks’ VP of Communications and Community Partnerships, who is either a big country music fan or he was there as a chaperone in case any Canucks fans started getting too friendly.

Henrik apparently left prior to the encore, which is understandable. Unfortunately, he missed Keith Urban returning to the stage in his jersey.

Yes, Urban played up to the Vancouver crowd in a Henrik Sedin Canucks sweater, not even 5 months after attending a Canucks/Predators playoff game as a Nashville supporter. What’s the deal, Urban? Whose side are you on? And why is that sweater so notably missing the Captain’s “C”, may I ask? Are you making a veiled statement that Ryan Kesler, the American, should have been named Captain? Typical American.

What’s that? You’re Australian? Oh.

Still, it’s a nice touch that leads me to believe Urban was told Henrik was in attendance and had someone specifically track down a Henrik jersey for his encore, although why this someone went to the past instead of to the Canucks’ team store is beyond me. Someone should have told Urban that Henrik was the captain.

Someone should also have told Urban about the many problems associated with confetti in Rogers Arena.

Edit: reader @acarabine has informed us that the jersey actually said “Urban” on the back. Major foul.

Plus, when you realize that Urban took away Henrik’s C and Henrik’s name, this seems less like a gift to the Canucks’ captain than an intentional slap in the face (perhaps commissioned by Daniel, who was busy having a DIY birthday). From the Vancouver Sun:

The Sedin twins turned 31 on Monday and, not surprisingly, both had birthday cakes to celebrate the occasion. There was a difference, however.

“I bought my cake myself,” said Daniel.

When disbelief crossed the face of his inquisitor, he insisted this was true.

“The kids were off to school,” he explained sheepishly.

Henrik, on the other hand, had the homemade version.

“My wife and my older son, Valter, made the cake,” he reported. “Valter also made a few good drawings for me.”

Is it possible that Daniel Sedin’s other gift to himself — especially after being upstaged by Hank the family man, with his homemade cake and cards — was to shame Henrik publicly?

Yes, it is possible.


Massive stick-tap to nick_winch for sharing his pictures and story on Canucks.com.

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  1. Hips
    September 28, 2011

    I didnt think that Hanky was the country music type.

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  2. cambo
    September 28, 2011

    I thought he be more into Beber or the Bee Gees!

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  3. joan
    September 28, 2011

    Who says Henrik can’t enjoy Keith Urban’s music. It is the best of both worlds, country and pop.
    As for the sweater, I think he wore it to say he liked Henrik as a hockey player. He has a great
    sense of humor or haven’t you read anything about him? It could have been as a gesture to
    Henrik from an Aussie to a Swede, who cares? I think he wanted to point him out to the crowd,
    myself and that he was a great performer in his profession.

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  4. julie
    September 28, 2011

    I just assumed Henrik got a meet and greet and gave Urban a jersey?

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