Much like last year, the Canucks and Flames kicked off the preseason with a home and away series that took place in one evening. If you’re confused, you’re not alone, but it’s very simple: what we had here is routinely known as a split-squad game. Effectively, you send a third of your guys to the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, a third of your guys to Rogers Arena, and keep the other third — the best third — out of the action entirely. Effectively, it’s the same principle by which one dunks an Oreo in milk.

Because PITB is two guys, we were able to pull a little split-squad action ourselves, and I drew the short straw that was this unentertaining road game. I watched this game.

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As most of you know, The Twitter Needs Juice campaign came to a fruitful end two nights ago, when Kevin Bieksa finally signed up for a Twitter account. Though his first tweet was contingent upon reaching 10,000 followers, Bieksa reached the milestone within 2 hours, and the following morning, it began.

Today we began to see the fruit of our labours, as Kesler and Bieksa combined to create a moment that was briefly amusing — which is, of course, all we ever wanted.

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Another minor roster trim this morning, as the Canucks have announced that 18-year-old goaltender David Honzik, their 3rd pick in the 2011 draft, has been reassigned to the Victoriaville Tigres. As usual, when a player is cut, PITB makes effort to explain the decision, and, just like yesterday’s cuts of Sawyer Hannay and Marc Anthony Zanetti, this one’s a no-brainer: Honzik isn’t ready for pro hockey.

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The Ottawa Senators are taking advantage of the connection to their fans provided by social media to allow said fans to pick the team’s 2011-12 goal song on Facebook. It’s a fun idea that gives the fans an opportunity to have a say in something that will be a celebratory moment that brings the team and fans together. The goal song can be a galvanizing force for a fanbase: witness the way Blackhawks fans have rallied around “Chelsea Dagger” for instance.

Fans have five options to choose from, all having “a great chorus that fans can chant along to.” The only issue for the Senators is that they left the voting open to anyone who “likes” them on Facebook. Yes, anyone. That of course turned into anyone-who-doesn’t-like-the-Senator-or-at-least-wants-them-to-have-a-terrible-goal-song. So, pretty much everyone.

Nickelback and their song “Burn it to the Ground” currently lead the voting, largely thanks to the non-Senators-fan contingent of the voting public. But personally, I’m disappointed in the selection of songs to choose from. Here are some better options for the Senators:

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