Just in case you were not aware, sometimes Pass it to Bulis has a third guy who occasionally contributes. It’s like when you have a child and they get old enough to do chores and will sometimes sweep the kitchen floor if you remind them to. Qris Johnson is the Third Man In.

In this edition, Qris defends Gary Bettman, talks Brendan Shanahan and discipline, and admits that he has nightmares about the LA Kings.

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There weren’t many, but one of the highlights of any contest between the Vancouver Canucks and the Nashville Predators was the interaction of former teammates Alex Burrows and Shane O’Brien. Prior to the games, the two chirped each other in the media, and during games, they couldn’t keep from one another. Any time they shared the same ice, the two mercilessly hacked and slashed at each other’s shins, tripped and crosschecked with impunity, and often required intervention from the officials. Even then, they waved and shouted at one another over the linesmen’s shoulders. To the layman, these two were enemies. But a closer look revealed their wry smiles — the laughter as crosschecked one another along the base of the spines, the mirth with which they took each other’s legs out.

In other words, Burrows and O’Brien aren’t enemies. They’re frenemies. See, for instance, the photo above, which demonstrates both the competitiveness and the closeness between the two. Sure, there’s a facewash going on, but there also exists a delicate dance.

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Shortly after the conclusion of the final game of the Young Stars Tournament, the Vancouver Canucks announced their first round of cuts, letting eight players know that they would not be coming to the main camp. Unfortunately for me and my increasingly creepy obsession, all eight players were invitees. We bid a sad farewell to Michael Curtis, Craig Duininck, Ryan Harrison, Steven Janes, Brendan Jensen, Jonathan Lessard, Ian Saab, and Andrew Smith.

In happier news, this means that several invitees are heading to main camp and are still in the running to earn a contract with the Canucks or Wolves. Sticking around are Marc Anthony Zanetti, Nathan Longpre, Antoine Roussel, and Karel St. Laurent. It’s worth noting that the invitees asked to stay were four of the five oldest invitees. All four are at least 20, with the only 20-year-old not staying being Jonathan Lessard.

So how did these players fare during the Young Stars Tournament? Are any invitees heading back to Junior unjustly? And of those staying, do any of them have a chance at earning a contract? Fortunately for you, I watched all four games of the tournament and took extensive notes. Let’s take a look.

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Just in case the Young Stars Tournament has not been over-analysed enough, PITB presents an overabundance of statistics, including the top scorers, PIM leaders, goaltending stats, and complete stats from each team. Please keep in mind that this data is the very definition of small sample size and judge accordingly.

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