Do you want to watch half an hour of Alex Burrows playing NHL 12 against a member of EA Canada’s development team? Of course you do, because Burrows is talking. And when Burrows talks, you listen. Closely. Because otherwise you won’t be able to understand what he’s saying.

Yesterday was the launch party for NHL 12, and Burrows appeared at Best Buy in Vancouver for the midnight release of the game. Unfortunately, he’s not as good at the game as “Rammer,” though his opponent is, of course, a little more experienced with the game, having helped make it. Here are a few of the highlights from the video.


  • When asked about whether he plays the NHL game: “We actually do play sometimes in the locker room. My friend Kes likes to play a lot and Max Lapierre and Aaron Rome. We get some tournaments going sometimes so its a lot of fun.” Aw, “my friend Kes.” That’s adorable.
  • The host to “Rammer”: “You should be handicapped in some capacity. Maybe you should play with the Dallas Stars.”
  • Best in game moment: virtual Burrows takes the first penalty, a 2 minute minor for interference.
  • I don’t see why virtual Chris Pronger is so upset. That was a blatant boarding penalty.
  • If you read the Causeway Crowd post we linked on the weekend, you know that Burrows hosted a ball hockey tournament called the Burrows Cup. What you didn’t know is that there’s another Canucks connection: “The team from Montreal won and it was $25,000 divided by 7 guys so they were pretty pumped. Roberto’s brother was in net for the winning team.”
  • On his humble beginnings: “ECHL is the last place you want to play hockey, obviously. There’s not a lot of scouts. There’s not a lot of hockey fans down there, especially where I played in South Carolina and Louisiana.”
  • At one point, Burrows calls Henrik Sedin “Hanky.” There are so many bad jokes to be made about this.
  • On goalie fights: “I think I’d rather have Dan Cloutier from back in the day than Lu.”
  • Burrows is asked about the realism of NHL 12 and talks about how realistic it is now. Later, we see Keith Ballard on the powerplay. No one mentions the oxymoron.
  • On Twitter: “I’m holding out. I might start, I think do something fun, try it out. Connect with the fans a bit more.” This could be excellent, especially if Burrows is cool enough to tweet “#WinDaTurd”.
  • After a point shot slips by a crowd in front, Burrows isn’t too happy: “Lu’s gotta stop that.”
  • Though he loses badly, Burrows manages to score with Bieksa with 6 seconds left so at least he doesn’t get shut out.
  • Asked who he thinks will be “drastically better” this season, Burrows suggests Edmonton, saying, “I don’t think they can do any worse.” But Burrows follows up the zinger with a surprising prediction. ‘They’re going to be much better. They’ll be battling for a playoff spot, I think.” Really? Because I’m pretty sure they will still be terrible.


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