Back when the Canucks’ Young Stars roster was released, I made a point of boosting for invitee Ryan Harrison, who immediately earned my affection by having the same last name as my first name.

As the Jersey Foul bingo card establishes, putting your own name on the back of a team jersey is a massive fail (unless you play for the team). That in mind, I’ve been waiting for quite some time for the Canucks to dress a player with whom I shared a name. As a guy with two last names, I figured it would only be a matter of time until the day one of them showed up on a nameplate.

That day has come. Ryan Harrison, je t’aime.

Unfortunately, as an invitee that finished last night with zeroes all across the statsheet, Harrison didn’t quite put himself in the way of the cameras. As a result, I had no photo evidence to back up my claims if anyone were ever to question the “Harrison #74″ jersey I plan to sport for the rest of my natural life (and possibly afterwards, provided heaven’s cool with a few earthly treasures).

But thankfully, Paul and Tracy Harrison — Ryan’s parents — read this blog. Who knew? And, because they’re awesome, they sent a photo from their own personal collection.

A Canucks’ jersey with “Harrison” on the back and supportive parents? It would appear Ryan Harrison is my dream as well as his own.

The Harrison family resides in Kelowna, so the trip to Penticton was an easy one. Mind you, one assumes that, for the chance to see their son in a Vancouver Canucks’ jersey, they would have traveled much, much further. PITB appreciates them for sharing with us what must have been a highlight of their son’s career, not to mention theirs as parents.

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