People You May Know is a feature at PITB where we speak with Canuck fans of note — actors, musicians, and the likes — in order to find out just how serious their fandom really is. Today, we chat with Alex “Stone Hands” Johnson, Alan “The Plug” Poettcker, Matt “Dangler” Vink, Joey “Cheddar” Porter, Josh “Trolley Tracks” Mitchinson, and Gypsy “Gino” McDaniel of Capitol Records’ partycore band, These Kids Wear Crowns.

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Back when the Canucks’ Young Stars roster was released, I made a point of boosting for invitee Ryan Harrison, who immediately earned my affection by having the same last name as my first name.

As the Jersey Foul bingo card establishes, putting your own name on the back of a team jersey is a massive fail (unless you play for the team). That in mind, I’ve been waiting for quite some time for the Canucks to dress a player with whom I shared a name. As a guy with two last names, I figured it would only be a matter of time until the day one of them showed up on a nameplate.

That day has come. Ryan Harrison, je t’aime.

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Throughout the Young Stars Tournament, we will have in-person coverage from Harrison, while I will be “in studio” back here in the Valley. We won’t be writing our usual I Watched This Game feature, as the games themselves are not what matters. Instead, we’ll be looking at the individual performances. I will be choosing the 3 stars from amongst the Canucks prospects as well as making a few other observations. Why just the Canucks prospects? Because we don’t care about the other teams. Screw ‘em.

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