Waste Your Weekend is a weekly feature on PITB that takes a look at the hockey blogosphere and beyond and asks the vital question: who’s winning?

Every weekend, we tally the scores and link you to the posts and articles that we found interesting, hilarious, absurd, or just plain weird. In other words, we liked them, and since you like us, we imagine that you will like what we like. And what we like wins. Since you clearly have nothing better to do with your weekend, here is the official PITB Waste Your Weekend Box Score.


1st Period – Canucks Content
9/7/2011 Play Me That Ballard BallyWood
Goal: Christine – Assists: Keith Ballard & Thom Sharp
This recap of Ballard’s funniest off-ice moments from last season is the cure for off-season blues.
9/6/2011 mc79hockey Why not hold NHL responsible for playoff riots?
Goal: Tyler Dellow – Assists: Greg Wyshynski
Dellow’s response to this Puck Daddy article is an interesting read, if only because it runs contrary to every other article on the subject.
9/8/2011 Canucks Army Dubnyk, Reimer, or Schneider?
Goal: Thomas Drance – Assists: Justin Goldman
Drance’s interview with Justin Goldman from The Goalie Guild checks in on how Cory Schneider matches up with two other good, young goaltenders.
9/4/2011 Causeway Crowd News Flash: Alex Burrows is a Really Nice Guy
Goal: Steve Kendall – Assists: Alex Burrows
A Bruins blogger meets Burrows and declares that he is actually a really nice guy.
2nd Period – Around the NHL
9/4/2011 Respect Your Edlers NHL Word Art
Goal: Gráinne – Assists: Unassisted
A fun piece of word art incorporating the names of every team in the NHL.
9/6/2011 Star Tribune Derek Boogaard: A Killer Addiction
Goal: Michael Russo – Assists: Ryan Boogaard
A heart-wrenching story of how Ryan lost his brother to painkillers.
8/16/2011 mc79hockey Cam Barker
Goal: Tyler Dellow – Assists: Oilfans.com
This analysis of the Oilers’ signing of Cam Barker is solid, but it’s the snark that puts it over the top: “Nobody loves failed first rounders like the Oilers…they like them so much that for the longest time, they were committed to producing their own.
3rd Period – World of Hockey
9/7/2011 Kukla’s Korner Stop Making Sense
Goal: petshark – Assists: Unassisted
A heartfelt response to the Lokomotiv tragedy.
Overtime – Outside Hockey
8/30/2011 ESPN: Page 2 An illustrated history of tennis fist pumps
Goal: Mickey Duzyj - Assists: The Expressiveness of Tennis Players
This is pretty much the most fantastic thing ever.



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  1. madwag
    September 11, 2011


    well i wasted (sic) an hour of my sunday after referring a U!7 boys soccer game in which i handed out four yellows in a match that threatened to get out of hand but didn’t so CYSA is not to be held responsible for any misbehavior on the part of the players or their parents and quite enjoyed the experience. thanks for a potpourri of not totally mindless meanderings.

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