Throughout the Young Stars Tournament, we will have in-person coverage from Harrison, while I will be “in studio” back here in the Valley. We won’t be writing our usual I Watched This Game feature, as the games themselves are not what matters. Instead, we’ll be looking at the individual performances. I will be choosing the 3 stars from amongst the Canucks prospects as well as making a few other observations. Why just the Canucks prospects? Because we don’t care about the other teams. Screw ‘em.

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Waste Your Weekend is a weekly feature on PITB that takes a look at the hockey blogosphere and beyond and asks the vital question: who’s winning?

Every weekend, we tally the scores and link you to the posts and articles that we found interesting, hilarious, absurd, or just plain weird. In other words, we liked them, and since you like us, we imagine that you will like what we like. And what we like wins. Since you clearly have nothing better to do with your weekend, here is PITB’s Waste Your Weekend Box Score.

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