You may recall the Ryan Kesler/Nick Mangold blood feudthat sprung up two days ago over Twitter. If you don’t remember (or you’re averse to clicking a link), here’s a kindly recap: Mangold tweeted pics of a few amusing interview bombs, champion Keslurker Kesler joked that Mangold needed to get his own material, Mangold responded snidely, a hate baby was born. Since then, things have gotten a little friendlier, but a challenge has also been issued and accepted. First, the friendly: right when we thought Kesler was going to leap into the Internet and fight Mangold to the death, the Jets’ centre wished him a happy birthday. We wondered if perhaps this was some sort of diplomacy tactic, perhaps a means for Mangold to delay the fisticuffs until he was done with dinner? Either that, or these guys had worked out the minor misunderstanding via a real conversation, and become buds once realized they were 2003 OSU alumnae. Or this whole thing was staged from the get-go. I wouldn’t put it past them. Anyway. Then the feud came storming back, as Kesler tweeted the following:

I’d love to know what “hefty” means, because the donation the Sedins made a few seasons back was pretty hefty. If Kesler thinks he can donate, like, a hundred bucks, the needy kids may laugh at him.

Once the challenge had been issued, we awaited Nick Mangold’s response, and this morning, it came:

A wisely worded tweet from Nick Mangold, albeit unfortunately so. Had he tweeted Its on, Kesler, those kids are going down, this would have been a much more interesting contest, but it probably isn’t good for public relations if a well-paid professional athlete is actively trying to prevent sick kids from getting treatment.

Anyhow. Let’s see if we can’t get those kids that money. Go follow Kesler.

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