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We all know how the Whitecaps have measured up in their first season of MLS; but how do their players measure up in the social media stakes?

Here’s a brief look at how some of the squad fair when it comes to imparting knowledge through the medium of Twitter (marks out of 140).

Eric Hassli - Language issues mean that Eric’s tweets are more short than sweet leading to the occasional seeming non-sequitur, and the over use of exclamation marks can become wearing, but mainly he conveys the sense of a man enjoying life in hi new home. Typical tweet; “Tattoo session!!!!!”  Overall mark- 108.

Jay De Merit- The Whitecaps captain seems a positive kind of guy. The majority of his tweets give the impression that he allows himself a fist pump after hitting enter, but he is happy to reply to others and makes good use of images. Typical tweet; “Great TEAM effort today and a well deserved 3 points.. Fans were awesome as usual.. 2 in a row at home. Let’s keep this going”  Overall mark- 97.

Jay Nolly- Not so much a Twitter feed as a fishing bulletin. It’s pretty clear that after soccer fly fishing is the love of his life; actually that’s not clear at all because it’s pretty clear that the fishing is the main love of his life. Typical tweet; “It’s a tough place to fish. Lots of people fish are usually in a couple spots if they are not running. Let me know how it goes”. Overall mark- 92. 

Michael Boxall-  Makes good use of Twitter by seemingly posting his random thoughts rather than carefully thought out messages that miss the point of the medium. Was very depressed by the lack of a Vancouver summer early in the season but has perked up greatly in August. Typical tweet; “Mint flavoured shampoo? Interesting concept Aveda, now I feel/smell like I just “brushed” my hair.” Overall mark- 117.

Bilal Duckett- His profile says that he is “all about the funny, interesting and different” but sadly we fail to see that side of the Whitecaps defender in his Twitter timeline. “Mundane and workmanlike” would be a better description of a player who has yet to find his feet in the genre. He definitely needs to stop over-thinking what he posts. Typical Tweet; “thanks to all my DC family and friends for coming out to support us tonight … wish we could have gotten a better result for you guys” Overall mark- 85.

Shea Salinas- Not a prolific tweeter and his main interests seem to be food, family, golf and God (although not in that order). What he lacks in wit though he makes up for in sincerity (if you like that kind of thing). Typical tweet ; “Homemade Nutella and fruit crepes for breakfast! I love my wife and 3 points. Whitecaps fans were awesome last night!”  Overall mark- 101.

Camilo Sanvezzo- The Brazilian striker is unfailingly positive in his tweets and eager to thank fans who send him support. We probably learn nothing about his inner feelings but he comes across as genuinely wanting to please. Typical tweet; “To all fans of Vanc. whitecaps FC you are the best!!! Today we will fight for you!” Overall mark- 99.

Wes Knight- It’s music and basketball all the way with this overlooked Whitecap. Probably overuses the hashtag as a punchline to his tweets, and many are incomprehensible to anybody born before 1980, but we feel that we get the real Wes Knight with what he gives us. Typical Tweet; “Apple fritter and vanilla bean frapp diet… #sorryfor partying”. Overall mark- 110.

This is just a sample of what the Whitecaps players offer their fans on Twitter. Other players are available but it’s clear that the team has yet to sign a really great “twitterer”. Maybe the final Designated Player spot could be filled by somebody who can really bring home the tweets in a meaningful way?


You can also follow me on Twitter: Twitter.com/squadplayer  (Russell’s tweets are basically a desperate cry for attention. Typical tweet; “Please read my post! Please!” Overall mark- 23). 




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