These final 11 goals of Daniel’s regular season are some of his prettiest, showcasing his accurate shot and knack for finding open ice to use it. While many of his other goals featured simple tap-ins after pretty passing plays, these goals show a lot more of Daniel’s skill with the puck and are a great reminder why he won the Ted Lindsay Award as voted by his peers. Many of his peers saw firsthand what he was capable of and many of them were victimized by those capabilities. Sure, there are a couple lucky bounces tossed in, but luck doesn’t happen on its own. These goals demonstrate how hard work creates the opportunities for good fortune to occur.



31 Feb. 19 vs the Dallas Stars

This is how easy it was for the Canucks to score on the Stars last season. After Henrik loses the faceoff, Daniel focuses immediately on gaining inside position on Stephane Robidas as the puck bounces off the boards. As Robidas puts all of his effort into keeping Daniel’s torso from playing the puck, Daniel tricks him by using his stick instead. The quick shot bounces off Andrew Raycroft’s skate and in. Daniel’s use of angles and deflections could earn him a spot in the Professional Mini Golf Association.

32 Feb. 19 vs the Dallas Stars

Later in that same game, Daniel victimizes Robidas and Raycroft again. After a great breakout facilitated by Roberto Luongo and Alex Burrows, Henrik and Daniel find themselves on the verge of a 2-on-1. But Robidas makes the baffling decision to let Daniel get past him for a breakaway. Did he not think that Henrik could make that pass? Instead, he frantically points out Daniel to Tomas Vincour, a rookie who can only look at Robidas and ask Are you kidding me? After this brutal defensive gaffe, Robidas tries to make up for it by feebly swinging his stick at Daniel’s torso. What is it with Robidas and Daniel’s torso? Does he think Daniel shoots with his gut, like he’s Iron Shirt Tin?

33 Mar. 5 vs the Los Angeles Kings

Now here’s some vintage Wizardous Sedinerie mixed with some devious skullduggery. The cycling of the Sedins is as pretty as ever, but it’s Ehrhoff activating from the point that completely befuddles the Kings’ defense. Two Kings follow Henrik towards the point, Ehrhoff takes the puck in front, and a combination of Burrows nudging Quick (while outside the crease) and Daniel pushing Doughty into Quick leaves the net with no Quick. Quick is quick to complain, but Doughty outdoes him, shaking his head and waving his arms like a cartoon. This was also the first game of the California road trip (which we were on) and the roar of the crowd after the goal makes it feel like a home game.

34 Mar. 6 vs the Anaheim Ducks

The crisp passing of the Canucks’ first powerplay unit is sublime to watch. Seriously, any hockey fan who can’t appreciate what the Sedins and their teammates do with the puck is no true hockey fan. In this instance, the quick passing leaves Daniel with all sorts of room on the half-wall to get off a snap shot that deflects off Andreas Lilja’s stick and through the legs of Dan Ellis. The original shot looked like it was going to a good foot and a half wide, almost like it was an intentional shot wide that was meant to bounce off the boards to Sami Salo on the opposite side.

35 Mar. 10 vs San Jose Sharks

What an incredible game this was, the best game of the regular season according to the experts. Daniel’s go-ahead goal was one of three goals scored in the final 3 minutes of the game, an incredible flurry of scoring that had the entire building constantly roaring with excitement. It was an electric atmosphere. It’s another powerplay goal featuring some slick passing from both Sedins and an incredible shot past the Kesler screen and Antti Niemi. Thanks to both Jason Demers and Joe Thornton overplaying Henrik, Daniel ends up all alone in the slot.

36 Mar. 12 vs the Calgary Flames

What a fantastic pass by Henrik, but the opportunity is created when Curtis Glencross drifts away from him, leaving him wide open for the pass from Ehrhoff. This forces Regehr to leave the middle of the ice to check Henrik, giving Daniel a cavernous space to step into and one-time Henrik’s pass. Glencross is like the restless legs that kick off this amazing domino effect, except that the Sedins turn his mistake into a goal much more quickly.

37 Mar. 12 vs the Calgary Flames

Daniel added the gamewinner against the Flames, whacking in the rebound from an Ehrhoff point shot, but it’s Kesler who deserves the kudos. Kesler wins the draw cleanly back to Ehrhoff, pushes off Alex Tanguay to create some room for the point shot, then drives to the net to create a screen and tips the point shot to leave Kiprusoff with no hope in hell of making a clean save. Like Lysol, Kesler is all-purpose.

38 Mar. 14 vs the Minnesota Wild

Daniel’s wrist shot is more accurate than a First Response Early Result pregnancy test. It’s more accurate than the New American Standard Bible.  His shot is so accurate, scientists are considering using it to replace caesium in their atomic clocks. Once again, it’s on the powerplay. Once again, it’s after a clean faceoff win. Once again, it’s past a Kesler screen.

39 Mar. 23 vs the Detroit Red Wings

Detroit makes the mistake of leaving just one defender to watch Daniel behind the goal. Sure, it’s Lidstrom, but Daniel makes him look absolutely silly on this goal. First he forces Lidstrom to uselessly shift from one post to the other while two players battle with Alex Burrows in the slot. As soon as Lidstrom over-commits to one side of the goal, Daniel is able to walk out the other side unimpeded and his centring pass banks off Lidstrom’s skate and in. Yeah, Lidstrom won the Norris last season despite his negative plus/minus rating. Why do you ask?

40 Mar. 23 vs the Detroit Red Wings

Poor Jimmy Howard. After the puck goes in, he just collapses to the ice in complete and utter defeat. How was he supposed to know that he had kicked the rebound out to Henrik Sedin and not some other player that might actually try to shoot the puck at a wide open net. Instead, Henrik passes it cross-ice to his brother who one-times it home. This entire sequence on the powerplay is absolutely nuts and you might easily miss something key in the confusion: check out Darren Helm taking off into the neutral zone hoping for the shorthanded breakaway at 0:21. His poor decision allows Henrik to keep the puck in at the point with minimal effort and leaves him unmarked to pass the rebound over to Daniel.

41 Mar. 31 vs. the Los Angeles Kings

Next time someone calls Daniel Sedin soft, show them this goal. Daniel gets absolutely creamed by Drew Doughty as he shoots the puck, but he takes the hit to score the goal. The goal comes off some great work by Victor Oreskovich, as he anticipates and intercepts the pass from Doughty, then kicks the puck up to his stick and makes the pass to Daniel to spring the 2-on-1. After that, Oreo’s job is simple: drive the net and force Willie Mitchell to give Daniel space to shoot. It’s a great sequence by Oreskovich that gives me hope for him next season, assuming he comes to terms with the Canucks on a contract.


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