Last week was Ryan Kesler Week, as we examined all 41 goals scored by the Canucks’ second-line center. How can we follow up on that? With Daniel Sedin Week, where we examine all 41 goals scored by the Canucks’ first-line left winger.

In case you haven’t heard, Daniel Sedin had a pretty good season in 2010-11. In the previous season, his brother picked up the Art Ross and the Hart trophies in 2009-10 and snidely remarked on-stage at the awards show in Las Vegas that he was better than Daniel. Essentially. Understandably, this set Daniel on edge and he was clearly out for blood. He got it. There was blood all over the ice, spurting from multiple wounds in the goal line, spraying all over opposition goaltenders. Every Canucks game was like an episode of True Blood in which a vampire gets staked.

Daniel led the NHL in scoring, winning the Art Ross trophy and the Ted Lindsay award. He finished 4th in goals scored, with 41, and led the league in powerplay goals with 18. And we’re about to recap every single one of those 41 goals. Here are goals 1-10. Expect wizardry. And blood. Perhaps some blood magic.



1 Oct. 11 vs the Florida Panthers

Daniel’s first of the year is a poor representation of the juicy goodness that awaits. It’s a classic Sedin set play off a faceoff, as Daniel and Samuelsson interchange off the won faceoff. Samuelsson, as is his nature, immediately throws the puck on net and Daniel chips in the rebound. The great thing about Daniel is that even when he just hacks at a rebound he puts it top corner. The most noteworthy element of the goal is how little effort Bryan McCabe makes. He barely moves 2 feet from his position on the faceoff, leaving Daniel with acres of room. Unlike Pierre McGuire, McCabe doesn’t like to intrude on your personal space.

2 Oct. 11 vs the Florida Panthers

His second of the year came in the same game and it came again on a rebound. Here, he shows just how out for blood he is, leaping over the sprawling Tomas Vokoun to tuck the puck home. It’s also another example of Samuelsson’s willingness to put the puck on net, but note where he puts it: the shot is low and on the pads so Vokoun has no choice but to kick out a rebound. Henrik shovels the puck on net, Vokoun gets a piece, and Daniel pounces on the rebound like he’s Maru and the puck is a box.

3 Oct. 13 vs the Anaheim Ducks

The first powerplay goal of this collection features an obscenely good pass from his brother Henrik, then a ridiculous wristshot from Daniel over the right shoulder of Jonas Hiller. As Ray Ferraro (the best colour man in the business) points out, the twins had just missed connecting on the exact same pass just a moment before. Yet another example of something that looks like improvisation clearly being a set play.

4 Oct. 15 vs the Los Angeles Kings

Should I just copy and paste “Daniel finishes off a ridiculous pass by his brother, Henrik” again and again and again? This time, the Sedins interweave nicely around Mason Raymond, forcing the back-checking forward, Michal Handzus, into trying to contain the all-star goalscorer. Well, actually, he doesn’t seem to try much at all. Despite Drew Doughty pointing directly at Daniel Sedin, Handzus fails to take him. Henrik’s pass is just sublime, but it’s the route that Daniel takes to the net that opens up the opportunity.

5 Oct. 19 vs the Minnesota Wild

Daniel finishes off a ridiculous pass by his brother, Henrik. What is insane about this pass is that it is so clearly on purpose. Plenty of players, lacking any other option, will try an insane spinning backhand pass through the crease in this type of situation, just hoping that someone might be there or that they’ll get a lucky bounce. Henrik, seeing Daniel drifting to the net out of the corner of his eye, does the same thing on purpose and it’s a tape-to-tape pass. I don’t think anyone else in the NHL could make that pass.

6 Oct. 19 vs the Minnesota Wild

Daniel’s second goal of the game again comes on the powerplay, but it’s not quite as pretty. This is just some brutal goaltending by Nicklas “Best Goalie in the Northwest Division” Backstrom. He gets overly concerned with Malhotra screening in front, then loses track of the puck at the side of the net on the original shot, then takes forever getting across the net and whiffs on the glove save. It would be laughable if it didn’t come in a 6-2 thumping by the Wild.

7 Oct. 20 vs the Chicago Blackhawks

What an ugly goal. This goal is uglier than Brent Sopel in a bridesmaid’s dress. It’s uglier than Dan Carcillo eating blood pudding with his mouth open. It’s uglier than Tyler Kennedy dressing up like a Naked Mole Rat for Halloween. Marty Turco’s decision to give up the post and allow the puck to slide through the crease is just a bad, bad decision, leading to a goal uglier than Mike Ricci wearing Charlize Theron’s makeup from the movie “Monster.” Sidenote: how strange is it that Henrik takes the shot from the point and Ehrhoff is the one at the side of the net?

8 Nov. 2 vs the Edmonton Oilers

Not very strange apparently, as Henrik mans the point on another powerplay and finds Daniel in the slot with a slap pass. Daniel’s tip from 25 feet out is about as perfect as it can possibly get. Also, keep an eye on Alex Edler sneaking in back door. If Daniel doesn’t tip that one in, Edler would have had a chance to tip it himself.

9 Nov. 6 vs the Detroit Red Wings

Alex Edler makes a great play to create a turnover at the Canucks’ blueline and immediately takes off into the neutral zone to start a rush the other way. His timing on the pass to Daniel is ideal, taking away the Red Wings’ opportunity to cut short the break by hitting him. Daniel’s saucer pass is a bit too far ahead of him, but he stays on the puck and makes a great pass to Henrik who wastes no time finding Daniel at the side of the net. Howard has no chance. Three Red Wings stand around the net wondering if it might be a good idea to check the guy with 216 career goals. Probably. Now he’s got 217. Good job, guys.

10 Nov. 11 vs the Ottawa Senators

22 seconds into the Canucks’ meeting with the Ottawa Senators, Daniel opens the scoring on a bit of an oddball 2-on-1. Burrows starts the breakout with an aerial pass, one of many that we saw this season. Unlike the New York Jets, the Senators clearly have no idea how to defend against the long bomb, as Daniel Alfredsson gets completely discombobulated. Henrik picks his pocket, then shows his patience, passing it around Sergei Gonchar to his brother, who lifts it over the outstretched pad of Pascal Leclaire.


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  1. jimbob
    August 23, 2011

    Awesome! i usually dont watch these (not enough time at home and youtube links blocked at work) but after watching, i cant wait until the start of the reg season. Thanks for doing this recap guys.

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    • Daniel Wagner
      August 23, 2011

      No problem. We’re all about the positivity and relentless hopefulness during the off-season.

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  2. peanutflower
    August 24, 2011

    I’ve only got to 5, but it’s pretty funny to see what effect the Sedins have on opposing fans. There’s the guy throwing down his hat in Nashville and in #5 Minny at 19 second the fan behind the coach — you can just see the cartoon bubble — what the hell just happened? I missed that!

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