Qris Johnson is the third man in, see, because PITB is two guys, but sometimes, there’s a third guy. It’s like when you go see a band that you know is a trio and they’ve got some stranger on rhythm guitar. I mean, who’s that guy? Why isn’t he on the album cover?

Today, Qris discusses the PTOs signed by Owen Nolan and Tedd Fedoruk, the hiring of Craig MacTavish, and Ryan Kesler’s surgery.

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Between DoanFace and Roaring Crosby, photos of hockey players in the midst of celebration are almost always photoshop comedy gold. But this morning, when Houses of the Hockey’s Rick Moldovanyi brought us Screaming Chara, my first reaction wasn’t laughter — it was terror. Maybe it’s because Zdeno Chara is basically a horror movie monster already, and maybe it’s because the image of him celebrating a Stanley Cup win over my beloved Vancouver Canucks continues to haunt my nightmares. Either way, I did not find Screaming Chara funny. I found it horrifying. And now you will too.

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Today in the every goal series, we look at Kevin Bieksa, the much-maligned Canuck defender who fought off trade rumours and two seasons of spotty play to re-win the hearts of Vancouver fans.

But make no mistake: Bieksa didn’t quite return to form last season. Rather, he reinvented himself. Bieksa’s 22 points were the same amount he put up the season prior, but he flourished in a new role as a shutdown defender, playing tough minutes with Dan Hamhuis.

That said, Kevin Bieksa can still score, and what you’ll see in his six goals is a guy whose shot remains lethal, whose ability to jump into the rush is still very much in place, and who may very well be able to pick up some of the backend offense the Canucks lost when Christian Ehrhoff headed to Buffalo. Here’s every goal Kevin Bieksa scored in 2010-11.

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