Here’s a photo of Alex Ovechkin dressed as a throw rug, via our good friends at Houses of the Hockey. Apparently, it was taken during a surprise appearance made by the Russian superstar during halftime of a Russian Premier League soccer match, at which he was presented with a traditional Dagestani burka (the stylish torso covering) and papakha (the Chaka Khan-looking hat). It’s a little less odd once you know the context (as most things are), but it remains odd nonetheless, especially since it bears a striking resemblance to the iconic album cover for Funkadelic’s classic Maggot Brain (home of the best guitar solo of all time).

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If ever there was an offseason where the decision to stand pat could be considered a “bold move” (in the Gillisian sense of the word), this is it. After coming within one win of the Stanley Cup Final, the Canucks’ GM finds himself surrounded by hungry, angry, confused people — zombies, basically — that want him to make the splash that will put this team over the top. And, with the losses of Raffi Torres and Christian Ehrhoff, fans have returned to their usual offseason call for a power forward right winger and an offensive defenseman. They want a big-time acquisition.

The fans aren’t the only ones. Francesco Aquilini’s now-famous, profanity-laced tantrum following game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final showed us a man that, despite owning the team, is also a highly emotional fan. You have to imagine that he wants Gillis to make a big move as much as we do. Hell, Gillis probably does too, and he may still make one. He’s a fan of this team also, after all. You know he’d trade the future to Skynet if it meant his Canucks would see a better outcome next year. But, all things considered, it’s entirely possible — and don’t go flipping the pool when I suggest this — that the Canucks are done.

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Welcome to the back half of Alex Burrows’ entry in the PITB Every Goal series. Yesterday we looked at goals 1-13 in Burrows’s 2010-11 season. Today we’ll look at goals 14 – 26, and you’ll see all sorts of crazy things: ridiculous passing plays, odd-man rushes, that backhand move that always works for some reason, more hustle than a Cassidy video, and empty net goals galore. Galore! And if, for whatever reason, you don’t fully understand what Alex Burrows brings to the Canucks, you’ll have a pretty good idea by the time you’re finished.

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