There are plenty of Free Agency Day liveblogs you could join on July 1. So what, you might be asking, sets ours apart? Well. This ain’t some sissy liveblog, boy; this here is a meta-liveblog.

But what does that mean? Well, it means we’re not LiveBlogging Free Agency Day. We’re actually LiveBlogging ourselves watching TSN’s Free Agent Frenzy. Sure, we’ll report the news, but you can find that anywhere, such as on the nationally broadcasted program where we’re getting it.

What you’ll get here, as a bonus, are ruminations on what everyone’s watching. When Pierre McGuire inevitably stands too close to Darren Dutchyshen — We’ll have something to say about that. When the producers cuts away to a panel that isn’t aware they’re on, then panics and cuts back to James Duthie, the “home free” of TSN live telecasts — we’ll have something to say about that. When Darren Dreger or Bob McKenzie tweets breaking news, live on television, before they announce it orally, live on television — you’d better believe we’ll have something to say about that.

You’ll also hear our immediate reactions to Canucks moves and non-moves, our own hunger pains, and the expected moment our wives beg us to stop this nonsense, then leave us. And, if ever you tire of us (which is likely, nay, probable), we’ll have special guests to keep things fresh.

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  We are halfway through the 2011 racing season at Hastings, and the traditional Canada Day card is set for tomorrow at 1:50pm.  With the new Pick 5 rules in effect, this might be the day where we see the first carryover for the year.  The Pick 5 races look to be quite contentious with [...]

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Yesterday’s big story was the ongoing saga of Christian Ehrhoff, whose rights have become such a hot topic of conversation that Sean Avery recently appeared in a PSA for their support. That said, Ehrhoff isn’t the only coveted UFA blueliner on the market. While Ehrhoff negotiations (with Vancouver, then New York, then Buffalo) dominated yesterday’s hockey news, the Chicago Blackhawks quietly acquired the last days of rugged defender Steve Montador’s contract with the Sabres for the paltry price of a 7th round pick.

Early today, Greg Wyshynski looked at the reasons the Blackhawks made the move, noting both his physicality (he’s mean) and his right-handedness (he’s not left-handed), both qualities Chicago’s back end lacks. But, truthfully, there’s another reason why it makes sense for the Chicago to go after Montador today, rather than try their luck tomorrow: he’d be a fabulous fit on the Canucks and, if he makes it to the open market, there’s a pretty good chance that’s where he’s headed.

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Sometimes, all it takes is a generous link from a blog with more traffic to remind us of how little power we actually have over here at PITB. Consider the Twitter Needs Juice post we made about a month and a half back: sure, some people read it, but not nearly as many people read it yesterday, after Derek Jory linked to it in his Juiceisms post over at Fort Nucks, the Canucks’ official blog. We humbly acknowledge your superior readership, sir.

It’s probably because Fort Nucks’ official hockey team (the Vancouver Canucks) is a little more popular than ours (The Vancouver Wellwoods), although let’s not sell the Wellwoods short. They’ve had a goalie captain for quite some time, and no one’s ever suggested Morgan wasn’t the right fit, which is more than I can say for Luongo.

Anyway, the best thing about the sudden bump is that people have finally begun sending in images of support for our silly little campaign.

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Canada Day lineup at Hastings

Here is a recap of what is going on at Hasting Racecourse on Canada Day: CANADA DAY CELEBRATIONS GET ROLLING AT HASTINGS Two great stakes races, live music by Dr. Strangelove, a Family Zone and a chance to win a weekend getaway to Predator Ridge are all part of the Canada Day celebrations at Hastings [...]

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While everyone else is eagerly anticipating July 1 and the start of Free Agent Frenzy, I’m looking a little further ahead. To be quite honest, I can’t be bothered to speculate too much about what free agents might sign where. Most of the rumours and rosterbating ends up wildly inaccurate, so why bother worrying about it? I certainly have my own ideas about what players I would like to see in a Canucks uniform, but I have no control over the matter whatsoever.

Instead, I’m looking forward to the opening of the prospect development camp. For most people, the development camp is the first chance to see the Canucks most recent draft picks and compare them with prospects already in the system. While this is certainly a highlight, my favorite part of the development camp and, later in the summer, the opening of training camp, is getting to see all of the un-signed and un-drafted players who are invited to the camp. There’s always a bit of intrigue about these players: who are they? Why weren’t they drafted? Will they sign with the Canucks?

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