Trying to get inside the heads of those that determine who gets to enter an athletic hall of fame is an impossible task, no matter the sport.  The mechanics of every hall of fame are distinct and the appointments often controversial.  The Hockey Hall of Fame (“HHOF”) is no exception.  And likely ripe for a proper [...]

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I’m no detective, but it would appear contract negotiations between the Vancouver Canucks and defenseman Christian Ehrhoff aren’t going so well. My first clue? After Ehrhoff flatly rejected a similar offer to the five year, $4.6 million deal Kevin Bieksa agreed to the day prior, the Canucks traded him to the New York Islanders.

This seems like a step backwards.

Granted, this could just be a brief complication, like the ones that couples in romantic comedies face just before they finally end up together. Maybe, like, Ehrhoff discovered the Canucks had a bet with San Jose that they could turn him into a prom queen in two short years and, you know, he found out. For all we know, the Canucks and Ehrhoff are just working through the hockey equivalent of the pop song-length montage where they’re sad and apart, but they’re still going to patch things up at the end.

But it’s not likely. For that to happen, it’s going to take a pretty serious commitment, and I mean financially. Ehrhoff appears firm on testing the market.

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Five pictures of Kevin Bieksa, boiling with bubbling hate

Kevin Bieksa makes a mean “mean face”. You’ve probably seen it. At some point, during the game, something rubs Juice the wrong way, and he flashes a trademark sneer, except sneer is too passive a description — it’s more of a mental defenestration. With yesterday’s announcement that the Canucks have re-signed Juice through 2016 (with a no-trade clause, for which he apologized to fans who will need to plug someone else into their rumours), it gives me great joy to say that pictures of Kevin Bieksa boiling with bubbling hate will be a staple in this city for the next five years. Here are five good ones, just to whet your appetite.

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It’s time for another round of Ask it to Bulis, wherein two guys who are incredibly smart, handsome, and humble answer your questions about life, the universe, and everything. Unfortunately, no one asked us about those things, so we’re mostly just talking about hockey.

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