The Vancouver Canucks forwards present an interesting conundrum. Despite leading the league in goals scored, employing two Art Ross trophy winners, a Selke winner, and should-win-the-Selke-but-won’t-because-the-criteria-are-ill-defined player, the Canucks were let down in the playoffs by a fourth line that couldn’t hold their own and a lack of scoring from their second line. Losing Mikael Samuelsson, their fourth-leading scorer in the regular season, and Manny Malhotra, who would have allowed Maxim Lapierre centre the fourth line instead of the third, to injury heading into the playoffs can, perhaps, be blamed for these two areas, but there is certainly a sense that some improvement is necessary.

So what should Mike Gillis do with his forwards that are heading into unrestricted free agency? PITB is here to tell him. And you.

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Since the puck dropped last September, it’s been readily apparent that Daniel Sedin was a) feuled by competitive rage and determined to match his brother’s Art Ross and Hart accomplishments from the season prior and b) that Daniel Sedin often dreams of suffocating his twin brother with a pillow. All year long, we’ve told you that Daniel Sedin was out for blood, and it appeared he was going to get it when he won the scoring title with 104 points and garnered the automatic Hart nomination that comes with doing so. It was to be a beautiful tale of vengeance. Soon, it was assumed, Daniel would walk into Henrik’s house, sweep his brother’s Hart trophy off the mantle, and slam his down in its place, dryly explaining, mine’s newer.

But the voters for the NHL Awards had other plans, and chose instead to give the Hart trophy to Corey Perry. This is what happens when you trust the national media to help you carry out a revenge plot. Ocean’s Eleven, they aren’t.

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