Last night did not go down quite the way I had hoped. I watched this team win 54 games in the regular season. I watched Daniel Sedin win the Art Ross Trophy and Roberto Luongo win the Jennings. I watched this team vanquish their archnemesis in Chicago, then systematically do away with the Nashville Predators and the San Jose Sharks. I watched this team win 15 of the necessary 16 games a team needs to win it all. And then, rather than watching that last win — the win where the Canucks hoist the Cup — like I truly, madly, and deeply believed I would, I watched this game.

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And while we had hoped this headline might apply to the Canucks’ franchise 40 year¬†Stanley Cup drought, we are relieved that this season (the longest ever in team history) has finally come to an end. And while, upon reflection, it will become a season to celebrate, right now it’s impossible to feel anything but disappointment. [...]

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Though I wish it were not the case, being a moronic rioter and being a Canucks fan are not mutually exclusive: a person can make poor life choices and still choose a good hockey team to support. But the people who started this riot were far too prepared for this to be a random outbreak of violence from upset Canuck fans. It is clear that many of the rioters were well-prepared anarchists that came in from outside Vancouver with little desire to watch the hockey game. Or, if not anarchists, then a group of people wanting to have a good time and make their mark on history in the stupidest way possible. Clad in bandanas and armed with makeshift clubs, this group came to Vancouver for only one reason.

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It may not be Game 7 of the Stanley Cup, and there won’t be rioting on the streets of Vancouver if the Whitecaps fail to beat the Philadelphia Union on Saturday, but fans who have followed the team this season know that this game is about as an important a one as they have seen [...]

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