There are two things we know for sure about Kevin Bieksa. First, he’s good with reporters. Second, he’s good with his feet. This clip is evidence of both.

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The truth is, of course, that it doesn’t truly matter how a team wins the Stanley Cup, though I might object if the Canucks began wielding chainsaws and dismembering their opponents. If the Canucks win the Cup, people will remember Burrows more for his overtime gamewinning goals than his biting incident. Lapierre will be the player who scored the only goal in a crucial Game 5 victory. Luongo will be hailed for his 2 (or more) shutouts in the Final, Henrik will be praised for being only the second European captain to lead his team to the Cup, and it will be revealed that Kesler was playing with 72 separate injuries.

It doesn’t matter how you win; there are no style points in hockey.

But maybe there should be.

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So what kind of Canucks’ blog goes two days between posts with a Stanley Cup hanging in the balance?  Well, this one.  And for that we apologize.  But these are almost unprecedented times, and Friday’s game left us a little speechless.  And our weekend at Hockey Night in Canada’s “Play-On 4 on 4″ street hockey tourney had [...]

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