Wha? There’s an event happening at Roger Arena this weekend? Who’s playing who? …Oh! There’s a UFC event in town this weekend! Why didn’t anyone tell us? Okay, so this might not be the highest profile UFC pay-per-view in history. In fact, it may well rank among the most yawnworthy in some time, at least for the casual fan. But there are some hidden gems in this fight card that will make snapping up a last minute ticket well worth the effort.

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Even now, after stymieing the Canucks for two straight games, Tim Thomas remains a difficult Stanley Cup Final player to hate. He’s just too much of a character. Certainly, Canuck fans are upset about his Game 3 bodycheck on Henrik Sedin or his Game 4 fracas with Alex Burrows but, truth is, as infuriating as Tim Thomas can be when he’s the opponent, the Boston keeper remains charmingly strange. If Roberto Luongo pulled like-minded stunts on the regular, we’d love him forever.

At PITB, we’re beginning to wonder if we’ve even seen the apex of Thomas’s unorthodox approach to goaltending. The Bruins netminder appears to have diplomatic immunity in the eyes of NHL officials, and as of yet, he doesn’t seem fully aware of the possibilities. God help us if he clues in. With the help of exceptional artist Chloe Ezra, PITB has imagined three distinct scenarios that, implausible as they might be, seem well within Tim Thomas’s repertoire.

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When the Whitecaps play the Sounders on Saturday they have the opportunity to wipe out all the disappointment that has built up during the campaign so far. Their first MLS Cascadian derby gives the team the chance to reconnect with a section of supporters that have grown more disaffected as the season has progressed. A win against [...]

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In light of the Canucks’ disastrous trip to Boston, we expect some significant line-up tweaks from the occasionally esteemed Coach Vigneault. During the last Canucks’ meltdown (the first round near suicide swoon against Chicago), we threw out some ideas for roster changes (see our April 23rd posting where we recommended reuniting Ryan Kesler and Alex [...]

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Third Man In is a feature that reminds the world that PITB actually has three writers and occasionally, that third writer comes flying into the fray with his gloves off, looking for a piece of the action. Usually on Friday.

This week, Qris talks about overcoming adversity, who should mind the net in game 5, the telltale signs of lost composure, and the fatigue factor.

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