The Tactix Gym on Hornby St. was abuzz with the sound of clicking cameras and the primal roars of fighters as they hit mitts at the UFC open workout this afternoon. While the impressive facility was by no means packed to rafters with eager fans and busy hacks, a healthy mixture of tension and excitement filled the air as the fighters were put through their paces.

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Game Three of the Stanley Cup Final was a debacle. That’s an unassailable fact. After a hard-fought first period where the Canucks were arguably the better team, they imploded in the second period, right around the time Alex Edler’s stick exploded. It was painful. It was ugly. It was embarrassing.

But it could have been worse. So, in honor of the 8 goals that the Bruins scored on Monday, here are 8 ways that everything could have been even more embarrassing than it was.

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For game three, Daniel and I scored tickets to the Rogers Arena viewing party and made the trip downtown (and as per usual, our presence in the stadium guaranteed a Canucks’ loss). But it wasn’t a total waste of time. While we were in town, we stopped by the Vancouver Sun Newsroom and used their equipment (it just sits there!) to make another video, this time discussing Manny Malhotra’s impact and a little cliche that drives me mad. Granted, this video is a couple days old now, but I think there’re still plenty of relevance in it. For example: my hat. A hat like that will always be relevant.

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For all the talk of managerial changes, tactical tinkering and player acquisitions that currently dominates the thinking of the Whitecaps and their fans, there is one very simple change that could transform their season at a stroke; move to the Eastern Conference. It’s not going to happen of course, but it’s worth noting how much [...]

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