We hate having to jump on board this story, but at this point you have to ask yourself, what is more miraculous, Manny’s recovery or the infinite legs that this story seems to have?

In his very short time here, Malhotra, a one-time prized prospect, first round draft pick and a player on his third team in three years, is now the most celebrated perserverance poster boy amongst his teammates, Vancouver fans and media.

Clearly, the Canucks thought so much of Malhotra’s character that he was named an assistant captain when the season started despite this being his first season with the team.  So on that basis, his return to the line-up has some legitimate merit as big news.   

But while Manny must get some credit for reshaping the team’s third line and penalty killing units this season, in all objectivity, neither have suffered in his now three month absence.

And walking into a Stanley Cup Final with only the benefit of a couple of practices after said absence will further diminish any measurable impact he could have.

So all that said, his imminent return to the lineup is noteworthy, but not seemingly front page news day after day. 

Obviously, the local media swarms are to blame here, who are seemingly mandated to beat every story to death.  And the Canucks, are somewhat inadvertently to blame too, since shrouding Malhotra’s injury in mystery (as is their policy) from the get go.  On that basis, no one can tell if his recovery from this injury is truly miraculous or simply expected.  In the end, you can credit the Canucks for managing this process to their best advantage – allowing Malhotra the time to heal at his pace and creating a feel good story when he finally returns.

As much as we think his impact on the ice will be minimal, we will be most happy when he plays tonight so that this story can quickly fade to where it belongs…

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