With all the furor around town as the seemingly well washed masses clamour for every bit of Canuck property they can get their wealthy hands on, here’s a little ticket cost history lesson for you.

In 1982, the Canucks’ first trip to the Stanley Cup Final, the cost of our (yes, we were there) seats was a paltry $12.00 per.  Yep, we could have paid for those seats with our paper route money.  Not that we had to.  Thanks, Dad.

By 1994, roughly the same seats now cost the season ticket holder the ghastly sum of $69.25 each.  And while that seemed like a lot at the time, the tickets were seemingly easy to get.  We had little trouble doubling up on our two season tickets leaving us with four seats to every playoff game.

And this time around, the cost of our seats is $350 per, which seems like a damn bargain considering they could be sold for roughly four times that. 

Seemingly no one is afraid to add a second mortgage on their million dollar lotus land shack to finance a trip to what has been so long in coming.

In the end, we’re Canuck fans, not ticket brokers.  So we will be there.  But this time the paper route money won’t even pay for parking…

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